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Romania: Energy oportunities center for the 16 + 1 format, China-CEE countries

>>>Energy Ministers from CEE countries, together with senior Chinese officials CEE and EU institutions, as well as representatives of more than 50 companies, will be present during November 8-10 in Bucharest
By Costin Buradu

16 + 1 Energy Fair and Conferences

Planned for November 8th -10th in Bucharest, the Energy Fair and Conferences stand out as a unique opportunity dedicated to companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe and in Chinese energy markets, a high-level networking occasion for 17 Governments, European Union and Energy Community officials and other relevant national and regional authorities interested and involved in the wider cooperation format with China.
Over the course of 3 days, exhibitors, policymakers and business leaders will attend a kick-off High-Level Conference, a state-of-the-art showcase of products and energy technology solutions, policy round tables and B2B workshops, hosted in an exquisite location: Willbrook Platinum in Bucharest, Romania.

The High-Level Conference and the official opening of the Fair

The High-Level Conference will open the exhibition, politically endorsing the commercial dimension of the Fair. 16+1 Energy Ministers are expected to join high-ranking officials from China, the CEE region and the European Union institutions in order to convey a strong message of support for the overall cooperation in the energy field between countries in Central and Eastern Europe and China and for CDCEP16+1, the flagship initiative of Romania’s commitment to the 16+1.
The event opens excellent opportunities to increase the countries’ role in the 16+1 format, to enhance multilateral dialogue with China and raise their visibility on the international scene.

The Fair

The 16+1 Energy Fair and Conferences aim at highlighting energy sector investments, business and “soft landing” opportunities for the 16+1 partners.
The three-day exhibition of energy technology solutions is a chance to establish direct contacts with potential business partners from Central and Eastern Europe countries and China.
The Fair agenda will feature business-to-business sessions, speakers’ corners and energy companies’ presentations to meet participants’ expectations and maximize commercial opportunities.


On the 21st of September 2016, the Romanian Government delegated the coordination of the newly-established Center for Dialogue and Cooperation on Energy Projects (CDCEP16+ 1) to the Romanian Energy Center (CRE), a professional association representing the Romanian energy sector with the support of the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD).
With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and CEE Embassy representatives, 15 partner states in the region and China have nominated “Focal Points” or representatives that will lead the activity of the Center by identifying and promoting areas of legal, know-how, commercial and technological cooperation between entities within the “16+1” format in agreed priority domains such as Renewable energy sources, Smart grids, Energy efficiency, Clean coal and Nuclear energy.
The Medium-Term Agenda for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, agreed at the Suzhou ’16+1′ Summit in November 2015, includes a commitment by the parties in its subchapter dedicated to Cooperation on Industrial Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing to “welcome and support the initiative to set up a Center for Dialogue in energy-related projects” initiated by the Romanian Government. Moreover, The Suzhou Guidelines for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries reads: “the Participants welcome and support Romania’s initiative of setting up a Center for Dialogue in energy-related projects. The 1st meeting of the Center will be organized in Romania in 2016”.


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