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>>> The arguments of the President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop

In the minds of today's young people there is a scared and feeble national idea, because some confuse the national idea with nationalism and chauvinism. The national idea could help us, if it is right, to build Europe, said President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop, in a speech held in Cluj-Napoca to several hundred students.
The Academician, who is also the rector of the Babeş-Bolyai University, spoke to the young people who attended the Auditorium Maximum about the
Category: Issue of the Day | | 23 October 2018 |

By R. Constantin
"The recent defamatory statements of senior Romanian politicians against the German minority are totally unacceptable ..." This is the recent expression of the German Ambassador to Bucharest, Cord Meier-Klodt. In fact, it is an accusation to the opinions expressed by a politician from Bucharest and a member of the Government staff regarding the behavior of President Klaus Johannis.A behavior and a utter discourse outside the Constitution.

Category: Issue of the Day | | 05 October 2018 |

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