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Wielpütz Automotive started the 10 million-euro investment in the new factory in Craiova, Romania

By Jerom Bolt
The representatives of Wielpütz Automotive in Germany have begun construction of the auto parts factory at Craiova's High-Tech Industry Park, an investment that exceeds 10 million euros. Effective production will begin on 1 September a.c and will initially employ 60 employees, and next year their number will reach 300.
Wielpütz Automotive, with a tradition of more than 100 years, is active in the automotive components production. The German company will realize, in the first 5 years, investments with a cumulative value of 10.5 million and will employ 500 workers. Starting with 60 employees, all trained in Germany, the factory will have 300 employees in 2019, and the investment plans are designed in such a way that the number of employees reaches 500. One of the main customers of Wielpütz Automotive is the American company Ford, which manufactures over 100,000 vehicles in Craiova.
"Our main customers are all world-renowned companies: Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, General Motors, including Ford. In this context, I can say that I am very happy that I am today (n.r. yesterday) in Craiova. Finding a new production location for our first investment abroad has been successful. We want to thank all partners for very professional and very friendly cooperation. We felt like home after the first discussion here in Craiova. We are absolutely convinced that here we have the possibility to expand, grow, "said Hans Schultes, CEO of Wielpütz Automotive Germany.
"On the land we have rented we will build a new hall and 60 seats will be created initially, and in 2019 more than 300 jobs, mostly for women, who will be able to work as assemblers, engineers and last but not least in research and innovation. Of course, our course depends very much on the car market that is very competitive and very fluctuating right now. We want to create 500 jobs and a total final investment of about 10 million euros. For the first hall, we plan a mix of products, mainly with assembly and a second step with high-tech products that are currently in the prototype phase. It is only in 2019 that we start serial production for these high-tech products ... We want to start production by 1 September 2018, "said Dieter Hallabrin, plant manager at Craiova.
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