Romania had a wine production of 5.2 million hectoliters in 2018, up 21%

By Theo Moreni
The world wine production has returned significantly in 2018, with Romania rising by 21% to 5.2 million hectoliters, from 4.3 million hectoliters in 2017, according to estimates by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) consulted on Monday by Agerpres.
"In Romania, with a production of 5.2 million hectoliters, after four years of production at an average level, 2018 should exceed the already very high level in 2013", according to the OIV.
In 2013, Romania achieved a wine production of 5,113 million hectoliters, followed by three years in which production did not exceed 3.7 million hl.
With world production forecast at 282 million hectoliters, up 31 million hectoliters, 2018 will be "one of the best years since 2000," the OIV report said.
At the EU level, "production will be 19% higher than previous year's level," says OIV, advancing 168.4 million hectoliters, up 27.2 million hectoliters.
The world's top three wine producers, Italy (48.5 million hectoliters), France (46.4 million hectoliters) and Spain (40.9 million hectoliters), recorded very high production in 2018, along with the best years in history in terms of volume.
Germany (9.8 million hectoliters), Romania (5.2 million hectoliters), Hungary (3.4 million hectoliters) and Austria (3 million hectoliters) are also expected to produce more than the average of the last five years.
In contrast, Portugal (5.3 million hectoliters) and Greece (2.2 million hectoliters) recorded a decrease in production compared to 2017 due to adverse weather conditions, the OIV said.
In the case of wine producers in the new world, there have been different developments. With a production of 23.9 million hectoliters, down 2% versus 2017, the US has maintained its status as the fourth largest producer in the world. More in the south, Chile (36%) and Argentina (up 23%) recorded a spectacular recovery of their wine production to 12.9 million hectoliters and 14.5 million hectoliters respectively. In Brazil, wine production declined by 17%, and in South Africa the drought caused a 12% rise in wine production to 9.5 million hectoliters. Also in Australia, after two years of very good harvests (13.1 million hectoliters in 2016 and 13.7 million hectoliters in 2017), production dropped 9% this year to 12.5 million hectoliters.
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