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If it is not the mistake is a big lie: Janssen invests more than EUR 1 million in research and development in Romania

By Constantin Radut

Last week, the Janssen representatives held a press conference in Bucharest. On this occasion, Christian Rodseth, Managing Director Janssen Romania said.
“We support the authorities’ efforts done in Romania in the recent years to increase Romanian patients’ access to innovative medicines, and we stated our availability to jointly identify sustainable solutions to support the constant update of the reimbursement list of medicines. Long-term, we will continue our investments in onco-hematology to provide therapeutic solutions in those diseases that impact smaller populations and for which there are still unmet needs. We want Romanian patients to be able to benefit of the same opportunities of access to medicines as any other person in the EU and in this regard,”
It is rightly till now. But in the company's press release, it says: "Janssen, pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson Romania, invests more than EUR 1 million in research and development in Romania only."
Where are the locations in Romania, where is the research centers in which Janssen will invests 1 million euros for research and development in Romania?
Maybe Janssen Labs are the people from Romania who Janssen directly experimenting the innovative drugs. That's the idea. That's what all the big drug companies do.
Patients’ access to innovative treatments is and will be the company’s priority in Romania and worldwide. In this regard, Janssen supports the implementation of the patients’ electronic registries, especially in oncology, and collaborates closely with health experts and stakeholders. These efforts have resulted in successful projects in countries such as Italy and have the potential to be also invested in Romania.
“Research and development are possible thanks to the collaborations we have with the scientists, with the medical community and with the healthcare organizations. Neurosciences, Oncology, Hematology, infectious diseases, Immunology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are the therapeutic areas in which Janssen has launched innovative therapies during its 24 years of presence in Romania. Last year, we have facilitated early access to an innovative treatment for 100 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma3. Also, we are close to the patients during their therapeutic pathway given the support programs we have implemented in Neurosciences – schizophrenia, and in Oncology – prostate cancer. Thanks to these, patients and their caregivers have access to disease information and receive support in understanding the therapeutic steps and approach.” highlighted Cristian Benza, Medical Affairs Director Janssen Romania.
If our remarks or expressions disturbed the Janssen representatives, we are waiting for comments and clarifications

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