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Greenfield project of 10 million euros in the auto sector in Iasi

By Edwig Ban
Turkish company Doğu Pres, active in the field of design and production of automotive components, will realize in Iasi an investment of 10 million euros in a greenfield project.
The new unit will produce subcomponents that integrate into diesel and gasoline injectors. The project envisages the construction of a production hall of 10,000 sq m on a total area of 5 hectares, which will allow a further expansion of the investment. For the second stage, the company wants to invest in the production of automotive pumps of various types, according to a company press release.
Romania was selected as the final destination for the investment, following a study by the Turkish company over 12 months in several countries in the region.
"Investment in the North-East region will bring 250 new jobs and the horizontal development of the local economy. The Ministry of Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship demonstrates with each project that it is a trusted partner, accompanying investors throughout the project, from the first contact to turning the intent into a successful story " said Stefan Radu Oprea, Minister for the Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship Environment.
Statements by Vasile Asandei, ADR-NE Director: "With the arrival of Doğu Pres in Iasi with an important investment project in the field of automotive components, the country's North East Region (ADR-NE) and its projects production, given that most of the recent foreign investments in Iasi have focused on IT. We note that this area of the country has become more and more interesting, given the difficulty of finding a labor force in the Western part of the country. I would also like to recall a number of factors contributing to the attractiveness of the North East Region: high active population, very competitive costs, availability of greenfield or brownfield facilities, linguistic diversity, and the list goes on. Through a close partnership with the Ministry of Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship, we want these results to be more and more numerous throughout the North-East Region, "said Vasile Asandei, Director ADR-NE.
Statements by the Doğu Pres Board of Directors: "Doğu Pres has chosen Romania for several reasons, primarily because we want to be located in the European Union as close as possible to our customers. The advantages offered by the state aid measures supporting investments, the support from InvestRomania, North East RDA and local authorities, as well as the possibility to find qualified labor force, have determined the decision in favor of Romania and the selection of Iaşi, "said representatives of the Board of Directors of Doğu Pres.
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