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Continental Romania has begun manufacturing a new product that reduces emissions to diesel engines

>>>Continental started the production of AdBlue Fluid Transfer Units in Brasov>>>The company has been in Braşov for six years and has over 1,800 employees

By Edwig Ban
Continental started production of AdBlue fluid transfer units in Braşov within the new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) project. It provides an effective solution for reducing NOx, NOx emissions. Diesel engines, compared to gasoline engines, in terms of the specificity of combustion of the air-fuel mixture, produce higher emissions of nitrogen and particulate oxides. These are pollutant emissions with harmful effects on the environment and humans.
Continental Braşov will become the main production location for the worldwide SCR module with a planned annual production capacity of 4 million units. "The rapid increase in production capacity is challenging and, at the same time, a great opportunity for the Continental Braşov team to develop their skills and capabilities," said Dr. Joachim Zirbs, director of the site.
"The innovative solutions of the new SCR product make a major contribution to increasing our location and development as a progressive and attractive employer. We are anxious to continue our successful projects with the help of 200 new colleagues that we expect to join by the end of the year, "said Ramona Porca, Human Resource Manager of the location.
Continental is in Brasov for six years. In September 2016 a new engineering center was inaugurated. Continental produces in Brasov fuel supply units, AdBlue fluid transport units and a number of components needed for these units, eg pumps, filters, etc.

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