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CFR Marfă resumes Ro-La, for vehicles from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey

By Andra Beltz
CFR Marfă will organize the first Ro-La transport on the Dorneşti-Giurgiu Nord Fr.-Ruse route and return on Thursday, July 26th. Ro-La transports will be carried out in complete trains consisting of up to 20 specialized wagons on which 20 TIRs will be loaded, the company announced on Tuesday.
"The vehicles will be shipped from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey, during their transport, their drivers will accompany the trucks and will be transported in the wagon coffers belonging to CFR Marfă," the company said.
On 6 July 2018 the Administration of the Environment Fund announced the approval of the financing project submitted by CFR Marfă within the "RO-LA type transport program", being the first beneficiary of this program.
"CFR Marfă owns 160 specialized wagons for the transport of TIRs by rail and is the only railway freight operator in Romania that owns such wagons, making previously such transports on the Wels (Austria) -Glogovaţ (Arad) "Says CFR Marfă.
Ro-La (Rollenden Landstrassen) is the particular form of combined transport in which self-propelled road vehicles are transported by rail on trains composed of specialized wagons and the loading and unloading of road vehicles on respectively specialized wagons are made in specialized terminals, through their own self-propelled systems and rolling on their own wheels. At the same time, drivers of self-propelled road vehicles can accompany these vehicles during rail transport, in which case they are transported in wagons (wagon wagons or class wagons).
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