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By rbj

>>> Continental has invested in 2016 around €170 million in its Romanian operations >>> Over 5,000 engineers are working for Continental in Romania

Continental made investments of around €170 million in 2016 in its Romanian operations. The company invested in infrastructure and state of the art equipment and technologies for its research and development centers as well as for production sites.

„Due to the fact that Continental is developing and producing trend setting technologies, the company could continue the growth also in 2016. The corporation invested €1,2 billion in Romania, in the time frame 1999

ategory: News | | 04 May 2017 |

By Edwig Ban

The German Group Daimler officially inaugurated on Thursday a new production facility in the city of Cugir, an investment of 36 million euros, following which they were created 200 new jobs, announced the company representatives.

Star Transmission, a subsidiary of Daimler continues its strategy of sustainable development in Romania through the opening of the new production facilities at Cugir.

In the new hall of Cugir, with an area of 11,000 square meters, Star Transmission started the series production of four different models of planetary gear box for the new 9G-Tronic gears. It occurs in Romania in Cugir and in Sebes, Alba County where German group completed at the beginning of 2016, an investment of 300 million euros, with job opportunities for 500 new employees.

ategory: News | | 23 March 2017 |

By Emea Riga

The registrations of new vehicles rose in Romania in February, with nearly 50% to 11 979 units compared with the same period a year earlier, according to data of Directorate for Driving and Vehicle Registration (DRPCIV).

The cars registered the biggest jump of over 62%, with 8302 copies, recorded in February compared with the same month a year earlier.

According DRPCIV in February 2017 based on the number of units registered, most requests have targeted brands: Dacia - with 2,085 units (an increase of 49.57% compared to February 2016), Skoda (704 units, + 40.80% ), Volkswagen (700 units, + 60.18%), Renault (579 units, + 127.06%) and Ford (556 units, + 41.37%).

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>>>Investment supports Profi Rom Food’s expansion in Romania

By rbj

The EBRD is joining forces with Mid Europa Partners to strengthen Romania’s leading and fastest-growing supermarket and convenience chain Profi Rom Food S.R.L. by providing a €25 million equity investment. Profi operates around 523 stores in more than 272 localities throughout Romania. The EBRD’s financing will support a further expansion of the network, particularly into the country’s smaller towns.

Mid Europa Partners, a private equity firm focused on central and south-eastern Europe, acquired 100 per cent of the shares in Profi Rom Food from Polish Enterprise Fund VI in November last year. Mid Europa Partners is a leading buyout investor with over €4.6 billion of funds raised and managed since inception and is a long-standing partner of the EBRD.

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>>>The German Company planning to further grow its software development services, in accordance with Porsche’s global growth strategy on digitalization

By rbj

Promising start in 2016: Porsche Engineering Romania, the youngest subsidiary of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, reached its first recruitment objective of 20 employees. This year, the company aims to boost growth of its local subsidiary, while taking its partnership with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca one step further, through the launch of its Master’s Program in Automotive Engineering.

”We are glad that we managed to have reached our first recruitment objective and expand our team in Cluj-Napoca to 21 employees”, says Malte Radmann, Managing Director of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH. “Now that the foundation of our team was built, we are thinking big, keeping the momentum we gained. By the end of this year, we aim to have a solid team of over 70 employees working at our subsidiary in Cluj-Napoca.”

ategory: News | | 08 March 2017 |

By rbj

The sales of new cars in Germany fell by 2.6% in February, from 243 602 units. However, the Dacia brand reported an advance of 29.6% to 3804 vehicles, according to data from the Federal Transport Authority of Germany (KBA) published Thursday by Reuters.

Volkswagen and BMW brands reported declines sales of 18.6% and 8.9% last month, while the supplies Renault and Ford climbed to 15.7% and 0.5%.

The percentage of diesel vehicles of all new passenger cars registered in February decreased by 10.5% to 43.4%, said KBA.

In the first two months of this year, the sales of new cars in Germany rose by 3.5% to 485.001 units, while Dacia reported an advance of 26.2%

ategory: News | | 02 March 2017 |

>>> BAT move the production for BAT’s glo iFUSE capsules to its factory in Ploiesti/Romania

By rbj

Romania is poised to become a key part of British American Tobacco's (BAT) supply chain for its booming "Next Generation" products. The company has become the largest manufacturer of next generation vapor products in the world outside of the United States. Already covering 12 markets worldwide, it plans to enter 8 new markets later this year and Romania will be at the forefront in enabling the expansion.

BAT now says it is moving production for BAT’s glo iFUSE capsules to its factory in Ploiesti to meet surging demand for its state-of-the-art new products. The 21 million EUR BAT will invest in the Ploiesti factory in 2017

ategory: News | | 02 March 2017 |

***The Forest Stewardship Council dissociates from Schweighofer

By Theo Moreni

The international organization Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) announced Friday in a statement that it withdraws definitively certification for the timber processed by Austria Schweighofer after the activists from three countries (Germany, Austria and Romania) handed a petition signed by over 250,000 citizens to FSC directors.

Following this decision, the illegally cut wood in the forests of Romania will not be certified as sustainable and will not be sold under FSC international markets. FSC considered that extend the probationary period

ategory: News | | 17 February 2017 |

By Emea Riga

The center-left government in Bucharest installed after the elections in December 2016 promotes a friendliness policy of business

In the Government meeting today has approved a decision whereby the Program to promote Romanian companies on foreign markets - called Program Internationalization - wants to be a new tool to promote individual small and medium enterprises, managed by the Ministry for Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

ategory: News | | 25 January 2017 |

* A 100% electric vehicle can charge 80% of battery capacity in 20 minutes compared to 7-8 hours it would take a non-dedicated outlet * The electric stations will be installed in Bucharest and the headquarters of OMV Petrom and Electrica

By Edwig Ban

Electrica S.A. - the electrical distribution market leader and supply of electricity in Romania and OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in Southeast Europe, opened the first fast charging station for electric cars in an OMV gas station.

The two companies are conducting a pilot project in which points will be installed fast charge electric cars in Bucharest, four stations and the headquarters of OMV Petrom OMV (Petrom City) and Electrica. "In Romania, until now, there have been small steps in the field of electro-mobility. We therefore, Electrica and OMV

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