Windmills have destroyed the Romanian energy industry (2)

By Constantin Radut
We do not deny that the renewable energy has a future. It would be absurd, knowing that the fossil resources of the planet are being exhausted. All the estimates of international organizations show that hunger for energy requires investments in diverse renewable energy sources. But under the current technical and economic conditions, a policy of excessive promotion of renewable resources brings more disadvantages than advantages to the economy of a country.
This is the case for Romania. We remembered that under the impulse of overnight profits, the substantial investments were made in Romania. Investments in this sector have been made exclusively by the foreign companies. Their value is estimated at over 15 billion euros. An enormous amount in just 10 years. This amount of money was paid by the Romanian consumer. The Energy bills increased by over 20-25%. The trade balance of the country was affected by more than 30% due to the import of equipment. Capacity installed in wind and photovoltaic power is close to 7,000 MW. No effect on coverage of national consumption. On the contrary, the aberrant investments in renewable energy have destroyed the fossil-based energy sector and stopped all investments in the hydraulic sector.
Today, on November 8, for example, between hours 18 and 20, the National Energy System worked on an emergency. Every minute, over 1200 MWh was imported to cope with domestic consumption.
If the wind does not beat, Romania is forced to buy electricity from neighbors at very high prices in peak hours.
This is not a business and is not profitable for the country's economy. According to the International Energy Agency, the intermittent energy, photovoltaic and wind energy are susceptible to imbalances in the national energy system. That is why national policies and strategies must provide for a complex and balanced energy mix.
The steady advance of renewable energies takes a while for technology to succeed in storing energy produced by wind and sun.
The foreign companies and their local associations have carried out intensive handling in Romania to halt investments in the hydropower sector. The sector in which Romania has capitalized only 50% of the national potential. According to Romanian specialists, Romania can still use about 10-12 TWh / year, and an installed capacity of 2500-3000 MW. This at the level of available technologies and financial resources.
The associations in the renewables sector do not want that. They became the spokesperson for European or American corporations to finally destroy the Romanian energy industry. We have asked and I repeat: what is the contribution of the Romanian companies in the total wind and photovoltaic investments in Romania? We are still waiting for an answer.
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