Windmills have destroyed the Romanian energy industry (1)

By Constantin Radut
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the Law 220/2008 establishing the system for the promotion of the production of energy from renewable sources. Elaborated and approved under the pressure of strong lobbying of large companies, the law will result in a huge amount of investment for the installation of windmills. In just a few years, Romania has reached in the top of the European wind energy. Today, with an installed capacity of more than 4500 MW, the wind industry in Romania has two major effects: the disproportionate enrichment of investors and, secondly, the destruction of the Romanian energy industry. Let's explain:
1.According of the law of 2008, the Romanian state is committed to supporting the green (renewable) energy investors through green certificates. The green certificate is a title certifying the production of electricity from renewable sources. The certificate can be traded, distinct from the amount of electricity it represents, on an organized market, according to the law. It is the support scheme for promoting renewable energy production. Each MWh of green energy produced from renewable sources is rewarded with a number of green certificates. These green certificates are bought (mandatory) by electricity suppliers, with profile companies being forced to have a certain share of renewable energy in the electricity basket delivered to consumers. In other words, for each MWh of electricity produced by wind farms, the investor received state support. These "support" reached nearly to 115 euro / MW, among the largest in Europe. In addition to the green certificate price, the investor was also rewarded with the price of electricity distributed in the National Energy System (SEN).
The green certificates are finally paid by consumers; the electricity bill increased in only 5 years by over 20%.
In such a business no investor could resist. Romania has quickly become an El-Dorado in the renewable energy sector. The companies in Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic are crowding to stick the pillars with propellers that make up the so-called wind farms.On the map of Romania is now seen the largest wind farm in Europe, over 600 MW, owned by the CEZ energy group. Many others, tens, hundreds are lying on hills and plains. Although Romania, according to local experts, has no significant potential for the wind energy, the foreign, industrial and lobby groups swore by heart that the truth is different and the Romanian consumer will be "happy" in... the next century.
In building the wind industry, Romanian companies were not involved with anything. Everything is brought from the outside, the Romanians and the mayoralties offer, for some ridiculous sums, huge areas of land. It is estimated that at present nearly 1 million hectares of agricultural land is allocated to wind or photovoltaic installations.
With a capacity of 4500 MW in the wind industry and nearly 2,000 MW in photovoltaic parks, Romania has exceeded its 24% share of green energy in total consumption since 2016, according to an EC Directive.. But the businessmen want more robbery on the back of the Romanians ..
2. With the boom of green energy and over-enrichment of foreign investors, the Romanian energy system is deteriorating and becomes the prey of green energy. As the energy from wind and photovoltaic installations instantly enters in the energy system (they do not have the possibility of storage), the thermoelectric power plants must be switched off automatically. Stopping and unplanned startup of 330 MW of the thermoelectric power plants has caused the major technical problems, the maintenance and ultimately their good functioning.
The investments in the thermoelectric installations have frozen, these have become obsolete and have resulted in the closure, in turn, of dozens of thermal power plants.
In 1990, Romania had a power installed in 22 940 MW thermal power plants. Currently, the installed power in this sector is about 5000 MW, less than in green energy.
A real disaster for the good functioning of the National Energy System (SEN).
Over the last few weeks, on the background of a very calm weather, no the atmospheric disturbance and much drought, the SEN was unable to cope with daily consumption. Without wind, the wind power plants were dead. Hydroelectric power, with an installed capacity of approximately 5500 MW, has failed to produce more than 1500 MW on average.
As a result, Romania had to buy large amounts of electricity from its neighbors.
From a big electricity producer, Romania has become a "beggar" of electricity because the wind and photovoltaic power plants have destroyed the national energy system.
However, even these days, apologists for obscure interests make propaganda of plans to expand green energy to the detriment of the country's energy interests.
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