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The Raytheon American group, the Patriot missile manufacturer, opened its branch office in Bucharest

By Edwig Ban

Raytheon, the defense industry giant who signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Bucharest on the sale to the Romanian state of a Patriot missile defensive system, with estimated costs of about $ 2 billion. The US group has set up a branch in Romania since last month. In addition, he created a section in Romanian on the corporate website and filmed a promotional video dedicated to Romania. The Branch has business and management consulting activity and is headed by Michael Ellison, Raytheon's South East Europe Vice President and Country Manager
"... The rockets that Romania will receive contain hardware and software created just in 2017. This continued evolution is possible thanks to the Patriot Partnership, a consortium of 13 Patriot countries that have invested billions of dollars over the last 20 years in the improvement of the system Once Romania joins the Patriot Partnership, it will automatically benefit from the significant investments made by other Patriot partners and as a result will enjoy the benefits of a new, advanced and upgraded system (...) only a small part of the future costs of hardware and software development, Romania will benefit from the improvements made to the system so that it remains effective against future threats, "Raytheon reports.
It is stated that Raytheon's intention is that the first operational launch unit Patriot will help create jobs in Romania and that the US group will identify the right local suppliers and work with Romanian companies to help them develop the necessary production capabilities and support for Patriot. "Patriot is an opportunity that can extend beyond the borders of the country. There are over 220 Patriot units owned by 13 countries in the world." As the Romanian industry helps to produce and support Patriot for Romania, it will have the opportunity to export and market their products to the rest of the Patriot community. This type of partnership is tested throughout Europe ... ", reads the Romanian section of the Raytheon site.

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