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The German companies appreciate Romania as a very attractive country with an extraordinary growth potential

>>>The representatives of AHK- the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry ask the Bucharest authorities for greater predictability and legislative and governmental stability

By Constantin Radut

Germany is the main trading partner of Romania, with the volume of commodity exchanges going to reach almost 30 billion euros this year. Germany has a share of over 23% in Romania's exports and a share of 20% on imports.
At the same time, the German companies have expanded their investments in Romania every year, being second in this chapter after the Netherlands.
Nearly 600 members of the AHK have over 200,000 employees in Romania and the tendency of the past few years is growing.
In the discussions with press representatives, the members of the AHK board have mentioned on several occasions the generally encouraging and stimulating climate of the Romanian business environment, working with the authorities in Bucharest to solve problems that concern the clarity, predictability and sustainability of some measures of the Government and other public institutions. "Our interest is that Romania's economy will thrive, be more competitive. Only the private companies, including those with German capital, will gain, along with the Romanian state, "said Mihai Boldijar, Vice President of AHK. In this context, Boldijar emphasized the need for coherent policies to attract and train the specialized workforce, profiled on the jobs demanded by the real economy. The Vice President of AHK has insisted on expanding dual education, which has proven to be a viable way to ensure the competitiveness of industrial companies.
AHK General Manager, Sebastian Metz, insisted on addressing workforce shortages, which is becoming increasingly acute for companies in all manufacturing sectors. "There must be a solution to attract the over 3 million Romanians who are currently working abroad," says Sebastian Metz.
"..., the investors need some conditions to make investment steps. The first is the labor force, the second is to find an attractive tax framework, as investments are made to make a profit," said Dragos Anastasiu, the President of AHK. He also referred to the amendments to the Fiscal Code, recently adopted by the Government, which will come into force on 1 January 2018. Although he had a critical attitude, Anastasiu showed the availability of the business environment he represents to work with the authorities . The AHK President states: "We are not complaining about taxation, but about the lack of predictability of taxation, which is much worse."
"In principle such important structural measures that have repercussions on the whole economy and on the population should only be adopted on the basis of serious impact studies and in a strong and real dialogue between the Government and the business community German companies in Romania are of the opinion that the measures to be applied in such a short time, their effects and the reduction of the fiscal predictability could negatively influence the medium and long term both the investment climate and the competitiveness of the country and the companies " , reads a communiqué from AHK.
The attitude of optimism and loyalty to the business environment in which German companies are active in Romania were dominant in the opinions of AHK Romania representatives.

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