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The draft budget for 2018 is based on GDP growth of 5.5%

By Edwig Ban
The Romanian government approved the draft budget for 2018. According to the project, Romania's GDP will grow by 5.5%, the annual average inflation will be 3.1%, the monthly net average earning of 2.614 lei.
The budget deficit in cash is estimated at 2.97% of GDP, while the ESA deficit is 2.96% of GDP, with a budget deficit target below 3% of GDP.
The draft budget provides the necessary resources for salary increases according to the calendar established by the unitary wage law and the commitment to increase the pension point by 10%.
The government's target for absorbing European funds in 2018 is 28.4 billion lei (6.24 billion euros).
The budget for 2018 has estimated revenues of 30.9 billion lei higher than in 2017 and is the first time Romania's GDP exceeds 200 billion euros. Government priorities for next year will be the following: health, education, infrastructure.
The health spending will increase by 17% compared to 2017, for education by 16%, for investment spending will be 42% higher. Another sector in which budget spending will increase is the agriculture. For 2018, the agriculture sector will have higher money funds with 23.6%.
The draft state budget for 2018 will be submitted for debate and approval in Parliament.
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