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Romania, the fourth largest producer of natural gas in Europe

By Edwig Ban
Romania ranks fourth in Europe in terms of both gas production in 2017 and gas reserves, according to BP's report on the global energy market this year.
Last year, Romania extracted 10.3 billion cubic meters. Norway ranked first in Europe with 123.2 billion cubic meters, followed by the UK (41.9 billion cubic meters) and the Netherlands (36.6 billion cubic meters).
Worldwide, production was 3.680 billion cubic meters, up by 131 billion cubic meters or 4%.
The United States remains the world's largest producer, with 734 billion cubic meters followed by Russia with 635 billion cubic meters.
Under the proven reserves, the BP report places Romania on the fourth place in Europe with 100 billion cubic meters. The podium is the same as production: Norway - 1,700 billion cubic meters, the Netherlands - 700 billion cubic meters and the UK - 200 billion cubic meters.
In terms of world leaders, they are Russia - 35,000 billion cubic meters and Iran - 33,000 billion cubic meters.
At the same time, our country recorded a 15% increase in gas consumption last year, from 10.4 to 11.9 billion cubic meters.
Worldwide, natural gas consumption increased by 96 billion cubic meters or 3% in 2017 compared to the previous year, the biggest jump in 2010.
The consumer growth came mainly from China (31 billion cubic meters), the Middle East (28 billion cubic meters) and Europe (billions of cubic meters). US gas consumption has fallen by 1.2% or 11 billion cubic meters.
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