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Romania, the first country in the region to introduce 100% biodegradable bags

>>> The supplier is Biodeck, a Romanian brand that offers sustainable packaging, the herbal products that are 100% biodegradable and compostable

By Emea Riga
The Carrefour Group is the first Romanian retailer to introduce at national level 100% biodegradable bags, available from June 5th in all hypermarkets in Bucharest, the representatives of the company said on the occasion of the World Environment Day.
"The introduction of the biodegradable bag is a major step in our vision of promoting a better life and becoming a leader in the food transition for all by promoting a regenerative economy in Romania, an economy that favors biodegradable materials, quickly and safely, to the detriment of those environmentally-friendly and focused on preventing the release of highly recyclable waste, "said Anca Damour, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communication, Carrefour Romania.
Romania becomes the first country in the region to introduce this type of purse in retail, but it is very common in Western Europe, in countries such as England, Italy, France, Spain, said Adrian V. Georgescu, Biodeck sales director.
The bag is fully compostable (convertible into organic material by naturally occurring mircroorganisms), available in two variants - 5 kg and 7 kg respectively - and is made in partnership with the first Romanian brand of Biodeck 100% biodegradable packaging. corn starch and is printed with soybean ink, specially designed to rapidly biodegrade (3-6 months) and complete.
Biodeck is the first Romanian brand to offer to the public sustainable packaging, herbal products, which are 100% biodegradable and compostable.
"We are addressing large commercial chains, restaurants, and all retailers who place a disposable plastic on the market. We want to expand the factory and build in Romania the largest biodegradable production plant in Central and Eastern Europe. Romania can become a model for the rest of the countries in the region, "said Tudor Georgescu, co-founder of Biodeck.
Biodeck products are made entirely of herbs, corn starch or sugar cane, using advanced technology and a production process with 80% lower carbon emissions than plastic products. They are the only products that biodegrade alongside food scraps, are certified at European level and comply with the European Union Compostability Directives (EN 13432).
With 100% Romanian shareholding, Biodeck (www.biodeck.ro) is the organic product division of the local Prodplast company, founded in 1957.

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