Romania and Russia in search of new forms of cooperation. The politics must not stop the trade

By R. Constantin
It is extremely useful and necessary the meeting organized by the Bursa newspaper on "Romania and Russia in search of new forms of cooperation".
This initiative was useful because in the political and media landscape of Romania the relations with Russia are regarded with a misunderstanding. The suspicion brought by politicians from Bucharest in the past 10 years, without any political and economic justification.
It takes this initiative because Russia is no longer present on the commercial map of Romanian companies due to the brakes imposed by political factors.
Under these conditions, Romania has reached a very low level of trade with Russia. Over the past two years, the automotive industry has been an incentive to revive bilateral economic relations.
Even so, in 2017, Romania managed to export to Romania goods and services of 1.1 billion euros. Nearly 3 times less than in Hungary and 2 times less than in Bulgaria.
The inhibition of bilateral trade is determined by the inexplicable attitude of politicians towards Moscow and the regime of President Putin. Artificial and dogmatic attitude.
Compared to Romania, Poland exported goods and services worth nearly 5.5 billion euros to Russia in 2017. And this under the embargo imposed by EU on Russia. We are talking about Poland because the Warsaw Government is fighting with the Eastern neighbor on real or historical themes. This is not the case for Romania.
Let's go back to the Bursa today's meeting. We are writing a few ideas of some representatives of Russia. From the Government of Bucharest there was no one present.
Iniushkin Igor, Minister Counselor at the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, said: "Russian companies are interested in taking part in the modernization of hydroelectric power plants and oil production plants, and we want to promote direct partnerships between Russian and Romanian companies. Russian companies to participate in the exhibition events organized by Romania, and those in Romania - to take part in those organized by Russia ".
According to Iniushkin, the Russian-Roman relations have "survived many attempts" and it is important that the tendency of Russia and Romania towards good neighborly relations and the development of bilateral relations is triumphant.
Romania needs to be more open to bilateral trade cooperation with the Russian Federation, as the current volume of trade between the two countries does not correspond to the potential existing in the two countries, said Alexandru Vasilievich, executive vice president of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists Russian Federation and Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Euro-Asia Banking Banking Association. "The sanctions imposed by the European Union are not beneficial to any party, bilateral economic relations. Freight exchanges with the European Union, including Romania, have fallen sharply in the last five years. But the fall in commodity exchanges with the EU has led to a tripling of those with China, up to $ 100 billion. With Romania, we could cooperate a lot more in several sectors, but there needs to be mutual openness. Freight exchange is not so high, it does not correspond to Romania's economic potential, "Vasilievich said at a bilateral trade conference.
According to him, Russia is well represented in Romania through companies such as Lukoil, OMV Petrom or TMK Artrom, but Romanian companies are no longer visible in bilateral trade.
'Germany, France, Italy are the main EU countries with whom we have very good commercial relations. Germany has about 6,000 businesses on the Russian market. Companies that have worked with Russia continue to operate on the market because they understand that they can make good money from here. Sanctions are in themselves something bad, but for countries that want to develop their economy can be beneficial. In Russia, agriculture grew a lot in the first year after sanctions were applied, "Alexandru Vasilievich added at the seminar" Romania and Russia in search of new forms of cooperation ".
He said that there are already programs that can be proposed to companies in Romania.
"Russia is a country open to science. Russia is doing very well in the field of nuclear technology. We have had a 40% increase in cereal production and economic indicators are fairly good - low unemployment, and low inflation. We are open to the world and invite all of you to be partners, "said Alexandru Vasilievich.
The Romanian-Russian Chamber of Economic and Cultural Cooperation, in partnership with the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, the Banking Association for Euro-Asian Cooperation and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists of the Russian Federation, organized the debate dedicated to the development of the Romanian-Russian financial and economic relations with the theme 'Romania and Russia in search of new forms of cooperation. "
Let us hope that the messages from this meeting will stimulate the governmental and business initiatives in Romania for a real opening to the Russian market
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