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Representative of the Parliament: "Romania is the victim of a white collar robbery"

By Theo Moreni
Social Democratic Party (PSD) senator Serban Nicolae said on Friday that Romania is "the victim of a white-collar robbery," "not in Romanian law or in government action."
"I am surprised that nobody is indignant because the banks in Romania, multinational companies, report losses or zero profit for years, expand as an activity, they have very luxurious offices, an absolutely spectacular park, they make team-buildings in luxury resorts in Romania but they profit zero or even losses in the annual balance There is no rational explanation Nobody protests for the fact that these companies have been operating on the Romanian market for years but the expected benefits do not arise. The things are starting to changet. Many people will understand that, in fact, Romania is the victim of a white-collar robbery, and which does not fall under Romanian legislation or government action, "PSD Senator Senator said in a press conference.
"I'm not saying that the companies do not pay the contributions of the employees (they, the banks or the multinational companies), I say they report zero profit or loss of years, over five years... The Romanian Government has announced measures in this respect...Five finance ministers from Europe - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands - have announced the need to have exactly the same approaches in the sense that taxation is at the place of income "the PSD senator said.
PSD Senator also said that the measures recently taken by the Government are "fiscal discipline measures to ensure that the state budget, motorways, hospitals, other public utility infrastructure are the necessary resources. We are in the last place in the collection of VAT and we have not done what is necessary in terms of procedures, especially collection, for a very long time. We have over one billion and a half euros in loss each year at declared and unpaid VAT. Because VAT, although declared, highlighted in the documents, was not collected by the Romanian state from companies in insolvency. In the last three years, the amount has reached 22 billion lei, which appears in documents and is not collected. There are very large sums of which, imagine, how much could be done, "said Senator PSD.

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