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More than 800 outbreaks of African swine fever in Romania

By Edwig Ban
The number of outbreaks of African swine fever in Romania reached 826, which are active in 190 localities in 11 counties (out of the country's 41). The total number of pigs affected by the disease or killed has reached nearly 160,000, the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) announced on Thursday.
"The African swine fever evolves in 11 counties in 190 localities with a total of 826 outbreaks (11 of which in industrial commercial holdings, one in a slaughterhouse belonging to a farm and one in a commercial holding type A) and 46 of cases in feral pigs. In total, 159,645 pigs affected by the disease were eliminated, "says ANSVSA.
Since the date of confirmation of the presence of the virus in our country, for the first time on 31 July 2017 in Satu-Mare County, African swine fever (PAP) evolves in two geographical areas. In the northwest of Romania, the disease develops in three counties - Satu-Mare, Salaj and Bihor - and the presence of the virus has been confirmed in 13 localities. 1,375 domestic pigs were killed and 15 wild boars were affected.
In the south-east of Romania, the disease was confirmed in 177 localities in the counties: Tulcea, Constanta, Braila, Ialomita, Galati, Calarasi, Ilfov and Buzau. 53,980 domestic pigs were killed in households, and in 11 large-scale commercial holdings, a commercial holding type A and in a slaughterhouse belonging to a farm, 104,290 pigs were killed. Also, 31 wild boars were affected.
ANSVSA states that on August 13, 2018, the first outbreaks of PPA diagnosed since early January of this year in four households in the commune of Micula were extinguished, and on August 24, 2018, an outbreak was extinguished in Sărăuad, all in Satu-Mare County.
The veterinary specialists argue that any suspicion of illness should be immediately announced to the veterinarian or to the Veterinary Directorates. All suspicious animals must be sacrificed and neutralized, and the owners will be compensated by the state under the conditions laid down by law.
According to ANSVSA data, pig breeders affected by African swine fever (PAP) losses have so far received compensation of over 507,890 lei, but the value of the evaluated dossiers exceeds 47.6 million lei, or more than 10 million euros.
The African swine fever is a viral disease of domestic and wild swine with rapid evolution and mortality of up to 100% for sick pigs. There is no vaccine or treatment for this disease. The only effective methods of prevention are to maintain a high level of biosecurity on farms and to manage quickly and effectively possible outbreaks of disease - reporting, restrictions on movements of animals, pig products and by - products, slaughtering susceptible animals and controlling animal movements.
According to the veterinary authorities, African swine fever does not affect and is not transmitted to humans, and there is no lower risk of disease, but there is a social and economic impact.
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