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Microsoft Business: Former US ambassadors in Bucharest, Nicholas Frank Taubman and Mark H. Gitenstein, accused of influence trafficking

By Edwig Ban
The former Romanian Communications Minister Gabriel Sandu sent US Department of Justice and the President Donald Trump a denouncement on the involvement of US officials in what is known as "Microsoft Business" in Romania.
In September, Gabriel Sandu filed a complaint with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) in Bucharest.
According to the complaint, Gabriel Sandu denounced the US Ambassadors Nicholas Frank Taubman and Mark H. Gitenstein and Austrian Ambassador Martin Eichtinger, the former Romanian President Traian Basescu and other officials from Romania, Mediafax reports.
Microsoft has been engaging in traffic since 2004, supported by a consistent group of politicians headed by the Romanian President Traian Basescu, the Prime Minister Emil Boc, other Romanian officials as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps (US ambassadors, Austria and Germany) and the IMF, as well as senior officers from the Romanian Intelligence Service.
In the document sent to Washington, Gabriel Sandu accuses US ambassadors Nicholas Frank Taubman and Mark H. Gitenstein of influence. The former minister has committed several years' imprisonment as an accomplice to this business
Now he calls for research into the entire context of the contracts concluded by the Romanian Government with Microsoft. The contracts between the two parties have been established, since 2003, in the "Microsoft Business Platform", a swindle that was transgovernmental and cross-border. The huge damage to the Romanian state can only be calculated when Microsoft's business from 2003 to 2012 will be investigated.
Here are some of the items that can be found in the document sent to Washington:
1. A "Strategic Partnership" was concluded between Romanian Government and Microsoft on September 17, 2003, which resulted in the establishment of a monopoly in favor of the US IT giant on the Romanian market. In April 2004, the 0115.RO contract was signed for Microsoft's takeover of licenses for the operation of computers owned by the public administration and for e-government projects and educational licenses. As a result, Microsoft has become the turntable of the IT market in Romania, but also the cyber security of the Romanian State. At the same time, free competition on the IT market has been annihilated.
2. At intervals of four to five years, the original contract was "novat" by the conclusion of additional acts or new contracts by both sides following direct and non-transparent negotiations that once again violated European competition laws. The successive contracts were made by systematically corrupting Romanian officials by setting up a criminal group that has invariably been behind negotiating teams and who have been rewarded with important percentages of the price of contracts concluded with the Romanian state.
3. As Microsoft (through its subsidiary Microsoft Ireland and its representation - Microsoft Romania) could not directly conclude direct contracts following a ban imposed by the international competition courts, Microsoft operated and marketed indirectly in Romania licenses and services through third-party companies approved and directly licensed by the American LAR (Large Account Reseller) company. These third-party companies have gained and obtained non-transparent discounts established as a result of direct negotiations between them and Microsoft, this way of direct bidding to LARs, in addition to violating international competition laws. In Romania, there have been and have operated many similar LARs (Romanian and / or foreign legal entities) that offered to the central public administration institutions, but each time behind these LARs there were the same people who formed a group organized crime.
The Interested individuals can request the full document from the National Anti-Corruption Department (Romania) or from Gabriel Sandu's lawyer.
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