Juncker and Timmermans, parrots of the jealous MEPs
By Constantin Radut
A joint statement by Jean-Claude Juncker, EC President, and First Deputy Chairman Frans Timmermans, on recent developments in Romania on justice issues, was issued to us today.
The statement of the two EC officials resembles the repetition that a parrot does at the words spoken by his master. Juncker and Timmermans appear in embarrassing stature of misleading characters by their own colleagues. Or the cloned characters to repeat what others say.
They show that in Romania there would be problems in linking with the independence of the judiciary and the fight against corruption
Nothing more fake. If Juncker and Timmermans want to know what is happening in Romania in the field of justice then they are obliged to come to Bucharest and find out from the scene that the amendment of some provisions of the criminal code and the criminal procedure code are necessary for Romania to adapt the national legislation to that established by the EC Directives.
Moreover, the paragraph 'The Commission calls on the Romanian Parliament to rethink the proposed actions, to launch the debate in line with the Commission's recommendations and to build a broad consensus on the way forward. The Commission reaffirms its willingness to cooperate and assist the Romanian authorities in this process "is a true aberration of the two EC officials.
The amendments to the Romanian justice laws are the most transparent in the EC.
The proposals to amend the laws of justice are under public debate since August 2017. All professional organizations and NGOs have made amendments.. The Parliament had debates with all the "players" in the field.
To urge the Romanian Parliament to rethink the proposed actions is a real idiocy.
In the Romanian Justice, the abusers were the anticorruption prosecutors and some judges. See the scandals that are going on these days.
Codruta Kovesi, the head of the National Anticorruption Directorate, erodes its authority from one day to the next. The corruption files drawn up by its subordinates are canceled by the courts.
In Romania, the Parliament does not intend to subordinate the juridical power to other powers. In Romania, the Justice will remain independent and irremovable.
In other states, the abuses are made from the point of view of the EC. Poland is the most publicized case.
But in France, Mr. Juncker and Mr. Timmermans? Do you know that President Macron's proposal is for the Prosecutor's Office to be subordinated to the Ministry of Justice?
If such a regulation is proposed in Romania, what do you think?
Are you furious?
It is frustrating that you have brought Romania's case to the EC's attention. You followed as two parrots the claims of some MEPs.

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