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Grampet Group Romania, the first European company to join the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route - TITR

By Jerom Bolt
The Grampet Group is the first European company to join the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR), a project initiated by the governments of China, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to develop a new multimodal transport corridor links Asia to Europe, the company informs.
"We are honored to join this partnership that brings us closer to the strategic goal we have outlined 20 years ago - to bind the North Sea railways to the East China Sea. At that time, I was just an entrepreneurial company in a small country on the border between two continents. Today, we are one of the leading European industry leaders and the first European company to become a member of this strategic alliance, "said Grampet Group chairman Gruia Stoica.
The company's officials estimate that joining the Trans-Caspian Route will lead to the development of intermodal traffic both in Romania and in neighboring countries.
'By accepting the Grampet Group as a member of TITR, the construction of a new China-European Union route is completed. Practically, in this corridor we open five countries in the community (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Austria) through the railway operators that are part of the group. It is a confirmation of the fact that in Romania there are companies with private capital, capable of participating in complex international projects, "said General Manager of Romanian Railway Group, Sorin Chinde.
In turn, Gruia Stoica stressed that this alliance "can turn Romania into a logistics platform for Europe and Asia, generating around 100,000 new jobs and state budget contributions of over one billion euros."
Rail operators within the Grampet Group own and operate a fleet of nearly 20,000 wagons and 400 locomotives. These operators carry about 22 million tonnes of freight per year, of which over 20% are European.
The International Trans-Caspian Route has a total length of 9,500 kilometers, of which 860 kilometers cross the Romanian territory (Railway Corridor IV, on the Constanţa Port - Curtici Port). Initiated by the governments of China, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, the project aims to develop multimodal transport linking China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Europe. The main objective of the association is to simplify administrative formalities by providing a competitive environment and supporting companies from different countries to develop their businesses across the Trans-Caspian Corridor.
Established nearly 20 years ago, Grampet is today the largest railway group and private logistic operator in Romania and South-Eastern Europe. Its 16-member structure strategically covers the entire chain of rail transport solutions and products, offering its customers rail freight services, construction, repair and modernization of rolling stock, production of spare parts, rolling stock leasing, goods transshipment, logistics services, as well as innovative IT solutions for railway operators.
Its company - Romanian Rail Group (GFR) - is the largest private railway operator in Romania, with a total market share of about 30% and a strategic position in key industries such as oil & gas, construction or agriculture. At the same time, 20% of GFR's shipments are international. The operator has signed agreements with the other sister companies in the group, as well as with state and private railway operators from Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Austria, Germany and, recently, Greece.
Through the Reva Simeria plants, Electroputere VFU Paşcani, Reloc Craiova and Electroputere VFU Craiova, the Grampet Group covers 100% of the Romanian rolling stock repair shop.
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