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ForMin Melescanu: Greater potential for Romanian-Dutch bilateral relation

By Jerom Bolt
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Melescanu, declared on Monday, upon meeting with his Dutch counterpart, Stef Blok, that there are still many unexplored opportunities as far the economic cooperation between the two countries is concerned, according Agerpres.
He also highlighted that the Netherlands is a big investor in Romania, generating the creation of many jobs, as well as the fact that in the Kingdom of the Netherlands there are over 30,000 Romanians, most of them under the age of 35.
'We are talking here about a highly qualified human resource that contributes to the Dutch economy and that is well integrated and connected in the Dutch society. The potential of the bilateral relation is much higher, though. The foundation exists, it is solid, and the economic cooperation still has many unexplored opportunities. We have had very good, applied discussions regarding the stage of our bilateral relation, seen also from the perspective of the forthcoming Presidency that Romania will hold of the Council of the European Union,' Melescanu said.
The Romanian minister showed that during the consultations the topic of the European Union's external action was tackled, with emphasis on the expansion policy and the Union's relationship with states from the Eastern neighborhood.
'I have used this occasion to express my hope that Romania's firm commitment on these coordinates, including as president of the Council, will be able to translate as quickly as possible into our country's ascension as a full-fledged member of the Schengen Area. (...) Europe's future was another central topic on the agenda of our discussions and despite some difference in opinions that we have, on some specific files, it's important to note that both the Netherlands, as well as Romania, are essentially working to accomplish this mutual aspiration: consolidating the European unity. This will be the spirit that we propose for the Sibiu Special European Summit, on 9 May 2019. In order to be successful in this difficult context, tried by internal and external challenges, the European Union needs real solidarity between member states, which need to come from the unanimous commitment to observe the provisions of the European treaties, their values and principles that they hold,' Melescanu added.
Melescanu also specified that during the time when Romania will hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union, he will promote the European consensus, the spirit of unity and solidarity between member states and respect towards the values, principles and liberties that are subscribed in the founding treaties.
Furthermore, he expressed his belief that Romania and the Netherlands will collaborate very well during this period and will succeed in consolidating the bilateral relation, bringing 'an important contribution to the future of Europe.'
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