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Exclusive BSDA 2018, Rockwell Collins: We are very excited for the new partnership with the Romanian companies

>>>Interview with Fabrice Fontanier, sales manager at Rockwell Collins
By Constantin Radut
- Mr. Fontanier, we enjoy the attendance of Rockwell Collins at the 7th edition of the BSDA (Black Sea Defense & Aerospace) show in Romania. Rockwell Collins is the world leader in aviation and high-integrity solutions for commercial and military customers. What caused Rockwell Collins to participate for the first time at BSDA Bucharest?
- Rockwell Collins has been involved in Romania for many years with its traditional partners like IAR Brasov for the Puma helicopters. Since a few years, Rockwell Collins has decided to invest more time in Romania and I have been appointed as the Romania Key account, focusing on Romania and NATO only. Therefore, in line with this strategy, we decided to participate to BSDA.
- What technology news will Rockwell Collins exhibit at BSDA 2018?
- As you pointed out, Rockwell Collins is a world leader in aerospace and defense and therefore, we are naturally presenting our solutions for aircraft: Our Flight 2 avionics suite and glass cockpit solution that can be installed on Awacs E3, E2Cs but also on KC-10, C2A, P3, KC-135 and C-130. Typically, it is the only approved modernization solution by Lockheed Martin on C-130.
We are also highlighting our latest radio communication, TruNet which is the latest Software Defined Radio used to create tactical battlefield networks to support modern C4ISR applications. The US Version, the PRC 162 is currently being adopted by the US Army. The TruNet family also includes the Airborne version that is the newest generation of the famous ARC-210 airborne radio. The key feature of all the TruNet family radios is that they share a common architecture rendering them perfectly interoperable and able to support the latest and the new generation of Networking waveforms, narrow-band and wide-band in a variety of frequency bands. It also support software loadable version of a variety of crypto algorithms and it is of course compatible with the crypto modernization that will be implemented across NATO in the coming years.
- Is it interesting, is it attractive to the Romanian market for Rockwell Collins?
- The Romanian market is becoming very attractive as modernization programs are now a reality and the intent of the Romanian Armed Forces is to be a Modern NATO Force. What is also interesting is that Romania has a long history and experience in Aerospace and defence and the local industrial environment is full of very competitive and competent companies with well qualified personnel.
- Do you have partnerships with Romanian companies? Is Romania only a market for Rockwell Collins or a potential partner in developing new solutions in military and civil aircraft?
- We have had some partnership for many years with IAR Brasov and Incas. With IAR Brasov and Pumas helicopters, we have been working for the Romanian Armed Forces but also for other Nations. We are now building a new partnership with RomAero to modernize and support fixed wings aircraft such as the C-130 and some Antonov aircrafts as well. We are very excited with this partnership as the objective is to perform a real transfer of technology so together with RomAero we can address the Romanian needs but also some other countries in the EuMEA region.
Similarly, we have now a partnership with a very active and competent company, CSR, for some communication and datalinks project for the military and the security domain. Again, we are looking at large and innovative systems where some joint development and transfer of technologies will be required for the long term evolution and support of these systems
- The Government of Bucharest allocates 2% of GDP for the army and defense industry over the past two years. Is this an important signal for increased cooperation between Rockwell Collins and specialized Romanian companies
- Certainly, as mentioned earlier, it is important to have local business opportunities allowing to deploy the latest technologies in order to develop our partnership locally in line with the requirements of NATO. It is also providing the framework for good technical collaboration and transfer of technologies which are necessary to modernize the local industry with the latest technologies and methodologies.
- Mr. Fontanier do you wish to send an additional message to the authorities and specialists from Romania on the occasion of BSDA 2018?
- Yes I think it is a very impressive show where most of the big players are present. I think the industry has understood the desire for modernization of the Romanian Armed Forces but also of the local industry which has a long history and who should now take advantage of all the modernization effort to upgrade their capabilities to the latest standard. We also understood clearly the intent of the Romanian Armed forces to be a full Nato members able to commit forces and resources to the Alliance when required.
So we are happy to be here and have a lot of fruitful exchanges with the Military officers as well as with our partners. We will definitely come back, hopefully in a bigger format at the next BSDA in Bucharest.

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