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Energy Ministry must stop a muddy Dutch business from NERO Renewables N.V.

By R. Constantin
The Government of the Netherlands and the companies of this state in Romania show their defiance to our intelligence and experience in all fields. The Netherlands is the most perversely player in the bilateral relations of Romania.
On the one hand, she criticize that we have no performance in the economy or in justice. On the other hand, Stella Ronner Grubacic, Ambassador of this country to Bucharest, is the star in the Romanian scandal press. She spent the winter holidays along with the most corrupt businessman in Romania. The Bucharest press says the ambassador lady also has friendship with the person in question
We draw attention to a dirty business that some Dutch people want to launch in Romania. In the renewable energy sector. A sector in which the Netherlands does not sacrifice either agricultural land or areas in the maritime perimeters to reach the target set by the EC.
A Eurostat report shows that the Netherlands has among the weakest performances in the renewable energy. For 2020, the Netherlands has sat its target of 14% renewable energy in total energy consumed.
In 2016, the Dutch government reported only 6%. Shameful for a country that praise the fight against pollution, gas emissions, etc.
Romania has a 24% target for 2020 but has already achieved 25% renewable energy in total energy consumption in 2016.
However, a Dutch company, NERO Renewables, plans to build three giant-installed wind farms in Romania.
Why do the Dutch want to invest in Romania? Because they have very good tax benefits, so insured. But that's not all.
Here's what NERO Renewables N.V .:
'NERO project equals over 20% of the existing Dutch onshore wind fleet and increases Dutch electricity production by 2.6%. Before 2021, NERO Renewables plans to install 362 wind turbines at 3 different sites in South-East Romania, with a total capacity of approximately 1,000 megawatt, generating up to 3 terawatt hours per year.The project is directly connected to the high voltage grid and, as a result of the Integrated Single Market for Electricity (starting mid 2018), generated power can be purchased by any company in any European country.'
The three wind farms will occupy nearly 1,000 hectares of agricultural land in Romania.
Yes, in Romania, not in the Netherlands.
In return for this business, who has to win?
The Netherlands, of course.
Here's what NERO Renewables says: 'European Joint Project supports Netherlands to reach its national renewable energy targets.NERO Renewables N.V. offers Netherlands the opportunity to benefit from 1 gigawatt of wind power produced in Romania, thus supporting the country to achieve its national renewable energy target for 2020. By adopting the 1 GW NERO project, the Netherlands could reduce its gap by approximately 30%. The "Joint-Project" mechanism, developed by the European Commission, and part of the 'Renewable Energy Directives' is available and applies to Nero Project.'
More Dutch tricks. You really take us stupid.
We will insist to the Ministry of Energy and the Government of Romania for this wind engineering not to be put into practice.
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