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Danish group Rockwool has begun building the largest mineral wool plant in Romania

By Edwig Ban
The Danish group Rockwool, the world's largest mineral wool producer, announced the start of construction work at its first factory in Romania. The decision comes amid a growing demand for such products on the insulation market.
Rockwool bought a 30-acre land from the Alinso group in the Ploiesti West industrial park and wants to build a 50 million-euro plant on it, including the cost of land acquisition, buildings, equipment and training staff. The choice of location has taken into account the easy access to the area with the highest consumption in the country, ie Bucharest and the neighboring localities, which represent up to 30% of the total market.
The necessary buildings will be lifted in about 8-10 months, a period followed by the installation and testing of the equipment, so that the factory will be inaugurated next year. Here will work at least 130 workers.
In the first stage, the production line near Ploiesti is designed to cover the Romanian market, so that the products can be exported later on to markets such as Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia or the Republic of Moldova.
Florin Popescu, business unit director of Rockwool Balkan, said in an interview with Capital magazine that the Rockwool plant will have the largest production capacity in Romania and expects it to operate at full capacity shortly after its inauguration. He estimates that the company's business will increase by at least 20% after opening the factory, which will allow it to increase its market share, which is now about 30%. Last year, Rockwool sold products worth 70.57 million lei in Romania, up 13.4% from the 2016 results, and this year is planned to increase 10-12% in turnover.
Basalt mineral wool consumption, estimated at about 40-50m euros per year, represents less than half of the insulation market. If the polystyrene needs are provided by factories in the country, about 90% of the mineral wool sold here comes from import. Romania has only two basalt cotton wools, one in Ploiesti, one in Saint-Gobain, and another in Simulu Silvaniei, and Izomat, which produce annually under 10,000 tons. However, five to six large basalt cotton suppliers, including Saint-Gobain, Rockwool, Knauf and Ursa, sell more than 80,000 tonnes per year.
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