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Craiova Group, an institution that will become more useful than the Visegrad Group

By Constantin Radut
The quadrilateral summit that took place in Belgrade last day has begun to highlight the experience and resources of the four South Eastern European countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.
The name of this group is claimed by the Craiova Group in 2015 when the first ministers of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia had their first meeting and signed a memorandum of collaboration. The three countries have now joined Greece, which is even more important to the Craiova Group. The four states show that they are potentially important for Europe's stability, for collaborating in vital sectors of the European Union, such as energy, infrastructure, border security.
The Craiova Group, in a quadrilateral format, can prove to be a tool for stability in the Balkans and a factor in promoting the renewal policies of the European Union.
Given that the Visegrad Group appears to be severely cracked because of the nationalist and ultraconservative policies in Poland and Hungary, the populist outbursts in the Czech Republic, the Craiova Group has real chances of assertion as a lever for the fulfillment of the ideals of the New Europe.
With a population of over 45 million inhabitants, the Craiova Group (Romania + Bulgaria + Greece + Serbia) is a stronger force than the Blatic States Group (Poland + Lithuania + Latvia + Estonia) and Scandinavian Countries, whose population is almost two times smaller than the six Scandinavian states.
The volume of trade between the four is over 3.5 billion euros, but the collaboration between the four states has a much larger and more complex potential. We can not talk about the diversification of Europe's energy resources unless the states in the Craiova Group are involved. Can not expand the maritime infrastructure of Central Europe without involving the riparian states of the Lower Danube. It is not possible to monitor migratory flows without the primary role of Greece, Bugaria, Romania and Serbia.
The geostrategic importance of the Fourth Group is much more important than the Conservative and Populating Consciousness of the Visegrad Group.
After the formation of the Craiova Group, it took the four-dimensional format in October 2017, in Varna. There was a quarterly calendar of meetings of the four states. Proof that the meeting in Belgrade was exactly three months away. In March 2018, the Group's fourth meeting is already scheduled in Bucharest.
On this occasion, the Prime Minister of Romania stressed that the Summit format will be at the level of the Prime Ministers of the four and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Energy, Transport, Education.
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