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Constanta Port/Romania, the largest Black Sea port with an annual operating capacity of about 100 million tons

>>> The Black Sea Region has become the world's first grain exporter, with 20% of global production

By Jerom Bolt
The Black Sea region has become the world's first grain exporter, with 20% of global production, and Port of Constanta currently has an overcapacity of about 40%, said on Tuesday at a special conference, Alexandru Craciun, Commercial Director of the National Company of Maritime Ports Administration (CNAPM) Constanta.
"In the Black Sea there is not only Constanta port, which exports a lot of cereals, Ukraine has four ports, and Russia has two more ports. In the last five years there has been a fantastic progress in the Black Sea cereal trade. (...) Constanta Port is the largest port in the Black Sea and one of the largest in Europe (...) has an annual operational capacity of about 100 of millions of tons, which means we now have an over-capacity of about 40%, can operate any kind of cargo, except liquefied natural gas, "said Craciun. According to him, the difference between Constanţa port and other ports is that it has the possibility to "grow inside", with about 1,000 companies operating in the port, and grain trade doubled in five years to over 20 million tons .
"Constanţa port is the possible to grow in. To develop a port in Europe, a big port, must go somewhere to the sea, what what is a fairly expensive operation (...) The whole story with agricultural products began in 1998 when it was made the first modern grain terminal with a pneumatic installation in the port of Constanta, later in 2008 another, and in 2009 and 2011 others. Today there are two, which means that freight traffic has gone from somewhere below 10 million in 2011 to over 20 million in 2016, so practically doubled in five years. Bloomberg to say that Constanta port is the biggest hub of agricultural products in Europe at the moment, "said the head of the Maritime Port Administration Constanta.
According to CNAPM, grain traffic through the port of Constanţa has increased more than three times in the last nine years, this category of raw materials reaching about 30% of the total goods transited during the first semester of this year, the export of cereals being carried out in outside of the agricultural campaign period.
There are ten grain terminals operating in Constanta port with a total capacity for storing more than 1.25 million tons of cereals, which represents approximately 50% of that of Constanta County and 7% of the total existing at national level, more than half of these port silos being built over the past 10 years. Earlier this summer, the managers of the largest bulk solid bulk carrier in the Black Sea area, Comvex SA, launched the investment to build a grain terminal with 200,000 tons of storage and operating capacity. The grain terminals of Constanta harbor also carry out agricultural exports of Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria, and are also sending expeditions to: Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel, Iraq, Japan , South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Portugal, Georgia, Germany, Greece.
According to the company's data, as a rule, through the specialized docks of Constanta port, it transits cereals to Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Germany and Slovakia.

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