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Brand Romania, 45th out of 100 countries

>>> Romania advanced 5 places to the 2017 edition >>> Among former communist countries, Romania ranks 3rd, after Poland and Czech Rep., but before the other communist states and the EEA region

By Emea Riga
Romania ranks 45th in a ranking of the top 100 countries as the value of the country brand, rising to 49th place in 2017, as the value of Romania's country brand increased by 27% , up to $ 222 billion, according to a study released Monday by the US bank consultancy Brand Finance.
Romania is ahead of Iran, Colombia, Vietnam or Bangladesh, but it is in front of countries such as Hungary - 54th place, Slovakia - 55th place, Greece - 59th place, or Bulgaria - 70th place.
Globally, Brand Finance claims that the US benefits from the country's most valuable brand, $ 25,900 billion, up 23% year on year, followed by China's country brand ($ 12,800 billion) and Germany's ( 5,100 billion dollars). The last places are Libya, Honduras and Mauritius Island.
The Brand Finance Nation Brands study is based on data collected from the International Monetary Fund, the World Economic Forum and FDI Intelligence. The study calculates the value of a country's brand based on several criteria grouped under three pillars: goods and services, tourism, investment and society, which are then correlated with the country's gross domestic product.
The value of the country brand is calculated on the basis of gross domestic product (GDP) estimates over a 5-year horizon. Romania's strength, measured in terms of progress in the Goods and Services, Investments and Society sectors, remained constant at "A", with a "A +" rating given to a strong country brand, according to the report. The country's most valuable brand is US $ 25.899 billion, up 23% from last year. "The US has retained its title of the most valuable country brand, despite the negative public image that President Donald Trump may have attracted after setting up the White House. Our results show that its policies on the new free market have certainly made waves among major corporations, and the economy is growing at a steady pace, "says David Haigh, chief executive of Brand Finance. The podium is completed by China with a brand value of 12.779 billion dollars and Germany, whose country brand is valued at 5.147 billion dollars.

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