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Ambassador Hans Klemm, a character who whirl the Romanian society

By Constantin Radut
According to the Vienna Convention of 1961, which Romania ratified in 1968, the heads of diplomatic missions do not have the right to interfere with the internal policy of the country in which they are accredited. However, Hans Klemm has proved to be the most insidious head of the US diplomatic mission in the last 27 years.
It has been demonstrated even these days.
In two very poor counties of Romania.
Hans Klemm was in Resita, the country's oldest steel hub, on Monday. Now this city is a champion of unemployment. A poor and degraded city. The fall of this city also contributed by the US through the "participation" of Klemm's predecessor in the years 2000, namely Mark H. Gitenstein. According to information from the newspapers, the Resita steel mill, which had more than 20,000 workers in 1990, was privatized by an American Noble Ventures firm in 2000 (during Ambassador Gitenstein's term). The US company was the point where the iron and steel factory in Resita and the city of Resita began decaying.
At a distance of more than 15 years, Hans Klemm gives an interview to a newspaper in Resita where he interferes unacceptably in Romania's domestic affairs. Curiously or not, on the same day, the State Department of the US published a press release in which he resumed almost the motto of Hans Klemm of Resita. Essentially, it is Hans Klemm's "suggestion" that the Romanian Parliament should not exercise its legislative right in the field of justice.
That's not all. Today, in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Klemm told a local TV station: "... the US remains concerned and yesterday we expressed our concern. We are worried that these changes will not support an independent justice and will not lead to a strengthening of the justice and will not contribute to the incredible fight that Romania has taken against corruption, "said Hans Klemm, who praised the ugly progress made by Romania in the last 15-20 years.
The US Ambassador also spoke about the Sunday protests, involving tens of thousands of people, saying they are an important example of civic responsibility. "People marched on cold weather with their families, orderly, passionately, in support of the rule of law and democracy," the ambassador added.
The diplomatic representatives of Romania in Washington should always have opinions about all the tribulations happening on US territory, especially the battles that went between Donald Trump's opponents and those who oppose the American Administration.
Romania's diplomatic mission to the US does not do that.
Because the Vienna Convention does not allow it to interfere with the domestic affairs of the US.
On the other hand, Romania and its diplomatic representatives followers of a proverb, which in English could be like this: "Whoever causes trouble will be the victim of the trouble."
Do you agree Mr. Klemm?
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