Airbus, IAR Brasov, 15-year exclusive collaboration contract for H215M helicopters

By Jerom Bolt
Airbus and IAR Ghimbav / Brasov, Romania signed on 6 November 2018 the final exclusive collaboration agreement for a period of 15 years. The principles of the document were established on the basis of an initial agreement of 24 August 2017, according to a company press release.
Under the Definitive Collaboration Agreement, the IAR is the lead contractor for the H215M helicopter for any future command from the Romanian Defense Ministry aimed at replacing the aging fleet.
The agreement reflects the joint commitment of Airbus and IAR to contribute to the modernization of the multi-helicopter fleet. The document provides for close collaboration over the next 15 years, with Airbus being the exclusive partner of IAR in the Ghimbav Aerospace Cluster, Braşov County, the communiqué said.
"We have proudly supported Romania for nearly 50 years, not just by assembling and maintaining helicopters, but also by investing continually and contributing to shaping the aeronautics industry through unique educational programs for the younger generation. We are now looking to the future through this partnership with IAR for the H215M helicopter before a decision by the Romanian Government to implement our co-operation and to deliver to the Romanian Defense Ministry a truly cost-effective multi-purpose helicopter produced in Romania, "said Olivier Michalon, senior vice president for Europe of Airbus Helicopters.
IAR Brasov general manager Neculai Banea also underlined that the signing of the final agreement leads to the partnership between the two companies at a higher level.
"We share a rich past and we are anxious to develop what we have been able to do together so far. We are glad that Airbus is a solid partner, eager to continue investing in Romania. develop the Romanian aeronautics and meet the requirements of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense, and Airbus is here for the long term. We believe that the IAR-H215M helicopter is the best solution for the Romanian aeronautical industry, the Ministry of Defense and other customers around the world. IAR and Romania are eager to become helicopter manufacturers. This contract is a new chapter of the cooperation between France and Romania in the field of aeronautics, "said Neculai Banea.
Airbus and IAR have been partners for more than 15 years with Airbus Helicopters Romania (51% Airbus, 49% IAR), a successful maintenance and repair center for a wide range of civilian and military helicopters in Romania and other countries . 75% of Airbus Helicopters Romania's turnover is represented by export contracts. In 2016, the Airbus Helicopters Industries plant was inaugurated for the production of H215M helicopters.
The H215M is a robust, bimonthly, EASA and FAA certified helicopter that includes state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities. Due to its size, reliability and availability for flight, the H215M is the ideal helicopter for utility missions in extreme environments and the battlefield.
Airbus's relationship with IAR means over 50 years of successful collaboration resulting in the production of more than 360 helicopters under the Airbus license.
IAR Braşov, a state-owned company, is one of Romania's leading aeronautical leaders, specialized in the manufacture and maintenance of helicopters.
Airbus is the world leader in aeronautics and space services. In 2017, it generated revenue of 59 billion euros and had about 129,000 employees. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airplanes with capacities ranging from 100 to 600 seats. Airbus is also the European leader in the field of cargo, battle, transport and rescue missions, as well as one of the world's leading space industry companies. In the field of helicopters, Airbus delivers the most efficient civilian and military solutions in the world.
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