By rbj

The Government decided on Thursday to adopt a memorandum on establishing the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund (FSDI), the Economy Minister Alexandru Petrescu announced, according Agerpres.

"Today, we have adopted a memorandum, according to the 2017-2020 governance programme, taking into account the founding of new public investments, the establishment of the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund being an economy stimulation measure, an investment funding instrument in competitive, profitable and sustainable sectors, with a multiplication ... Read more »

| 09 February 2017 |

Imagini pentru transporta containere China-Grecia-Ungaria

By rbj

China's National News Agency, Xinhua, quoted by the online edition of People's Daily, China opened a new land-sea line in Europe.

According to People's Daily, the first two trains carrying Chinese cargo containers, launched by China COSCO Shipping Group, arrived in the Hungarian capital, the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary said Tuesday. Chinese daily shows: 'The shipments Arrived in Budapest on Jan. 29 and Feb. 5, respectively, from the port of Piraeus, Greece, marking ... Read more »

| 08 February 2017 |

* Open Letter to the Belgian Embassy in Bucharest and Prime Minister of Wallonia

By Constantin Radut

I saw what "strong voice" is about two years, the Belgian Embassy in Bucharest. A small diplomatic mission, but very active. She makes acclaim exceeding the status of a diplomatic mission, as it is defined by the Vienna Convention.

Exactly that the former ambassador of the Netherlands in Bucharest (about ... Read more »

| 06 February 2017 |

By Constantin Radut

I did not want to interfere in the affairs smelling of "political battle" that give today in Romania between the coalition of government and and other political players.

In order for our readers to understand, we must mention that currently Romania is split politically into two. One part consists of the Centre Left coalition (Social Democratic Party-PSD and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats ALDE). This coalition won elections in December 2016 with almost 60% of votes. The second part ... Read more »

| 04 February 2017 |

* "The capital market has now a chance for a big quick win, the upgrade to Emerging Market is very close," said BVB’s CEO Ludwik Sobolewski; * NN Pensions Romania: "We invested about EUR 500 million in Romania in the last nine years and we need to invest a double amount for the next nine years"’ * Romania will likely offer dividends over 7% this year also; double-digit dividends are expected for some companies, according to Carsten Hesse, EME Equity Strat ... Read more »

| 03 February 2017 |

By Constantin Radut

I had high hopes after what went Barroso in Brussels and came topped the EC Mr. Juncker. Politician with great experience, a great European knowledge. I said to myself. I thought that the EC will not handle and will not enter his boots and in the internal affairs of member states. He did his predecessor, Barroso.

I was wrong. Especially when journalists wrote that Mr. Juncker would be involved in all sorts of financial engineering and tax.

Now I am disillusioned.

Juncker let him manipulate. And manipulates himself. Toge ... Read more »

| 02 February 2017 |

By rbj

Romania's budget draft for 2017 was adopted by the Government on Tuesday, Public Finance Minister Viorel Stefan announced.

"Romania's budget for 2017 was adopted in the Government meeting today [Tuesday]. This budget was built observing three fundamental things: the real data of Romanian economy, the Social Democratic Party's (PSD) governance programme (...) and (...) the main public policies and national projects as part of a projection for the next four years, to ensure a coherent development of Romania," Viorel ... Read more »

| 01 February 2017 |

By Constantin Radut

It is not hard to see that Romania's relations with Russia are frozen. Moreover, they are secluded. Incomprehensible given that geographical proximity, economic and cultural history with Russia are so obvious and so rich. In the past.

Currently the bilateral relations are poor and tense.

For several years, politicians in Bucharest just tried to imitate certain interest groups in Brussels and other capital at the expense of bilateral interests.

It is a paradox that Romania has fewer initiatives than Poland in relations with Russia. Altho ... Read more »

| 30 January 2017 |

By rbj

The Romanian Government empowered the state representatives in the General Stakeholders Assembly (AGA) and Boards (CA) with the national companies and the companies with full or majority state capital, as well as the autonomous administrations to take the necessary steps to distribute a minimum 90 % ratio of their net profit on 2016 (dividends / payments) to the state budget, reads a release of the Government..

The decision was made through a Memorandum endorsed on Friday's sitting. The said measure is not applied to the companies that ... Read more »

| 28 January 2017 |

* "This man and the foundations and structures he has been setting up have furthered evil in Romania"

By rbj

Social Democrat leader demands review of NGOs of declared public benefit.

Social Democrat leader Liviu Dragnea said on Tuesday that a review is necessary of all NGOs of declared public benefit and a rigorous check of the way public money has been spent.

"I set out a principle ... Read more »

| 25 January 2017 |

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