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Average daily trading value nears 15 million euros in September on Bucharest Stock Exchange
05 October 2017, 4:38 PM

>>>The average daily trading value of equities amounted to some 10 million euros at the end of the first nine months, with a peak of nearly EUR 15 million in September 

By Andra Beltz

The total trading value of equities exceeded 1.8 billion euros on Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) by the end of September, up by over 30% as compared to the f trading value irst nine months of the previous year. The investors bought and sold shares worth EUR 300 million last month alone, which was 70% over the value posted in August 2017.
The average daily trading value for equities surged to 14.7 million euros in September, while this indicator topped 9.75 million euros by the end of the first nine months of this year. Therefore, the average daily trading value went up by 35 percent as compared to January-September 2016.
BET, the main index of the market, which measures the evolution of the 13 most liquid companies listed on BVB, closed the first nine months with an increase of more than 11%. During the same period of time, BET-TR, the index which includes the dividends paid by the companies from the BET index, grew by over 19 percent.
"The local capital market has become increasingly attractive as the main listed companies granted this year higher than before dividends. BET-XT-TR, the index tracking the most traded 25 companies listed on BVB and the dividends distributed by them, surged by nearly 22% in nine months," said Lucian Anghel, President of BVB.
Moreover, all BVB indices went up by over 11 percent in the January-September period, while three of the eight indices of BVB, excluding ROTX, exceed 20 percent growth rates.

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