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22 years from the first trading on Bucharest Stock Exchange
20 November 2017, 8:04 PM

>>>November 20, 1995: During the first trading day on BVB, investors traded 905 shares from 6 listed companies >>>Currently, over 36.7 million shares issued by 88 companies are traded on average every day on BVB’s Main Market

By Edwig Ban
Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), fundamental institution of the capital market, was reopened in 1995, and the first transactions took place on November 20th. During the first session, 45 transactions were performed with a total of 905 shares belonging to 6 listed companies: TMK – ARTROM (ART), COMELF (CMF), UAMT (UAM), Carne Arad (CRN), IAIFO (IAI) and Sanevit Arad (SAN). Out of them, the first three are still trading today on BVB’s Main Market. By the end of 1995, a total of 5 trading sessions had taken place at BVB, 379 transactions were performed, and had a total volume of 42,761 shares worth RON 250,000. By the end of 1995, 9 companies had been listed on BVB and had a market capitalization of RON 25.9 million.
Currently, over 36.7 million shares issued by 88 companies listed on the Main Market are traded on average per day. This year, 222 trading sessions took place, almost 730,000 transactions were recorded with over 8.15 billion shares, with a cumulative value of RON 10.8 billion. The market value of the 88 listed companies on the Main Market was RON 165 billion (the equivalent of EUR 35.5 billion).
"This image of the last 22 years shows not only how much the Bucharest Stock Exchange has developed but the fundamental way in which Romania's economy has changed and evolved. The stock exchange is the mirror of a country's economy and, in this mirror, we see how the stock market now has 10 times more listed companies than it had 22 years ago," stated Lucian Anghel, President of BVB.
In Romania, the stock exchange was founded in 1882. During its existence, the activity of the institution was affected by the social-political events of the time (the Peasants’ Revolution of 1907, the Balkan War 1912-1913) and the stock market was closed during the First World War. After reopening, the stock exchange went through a seven-year period of significant increases, followed by a seven-year accelerated decline. The activity of the stock exchange was discontinued in 1948, with the establishment of the communist regime in Romania and the beginning of the nationalization of the economy.
After nearly 50 years, the Bucharest Stock Exchange was re-established in 1995. In 2010, the Bucharest Stock Exchange was listed on its own Main Market. In 2015, BVB launched the AeRO market for SMEs and start-ups looking for funding. This year, after approval of the merger between BVB and Sibiu Stock Exchange (SIBEX), Romania has a single stock exchange, based on "one country, one stock exchange" principle. Currently, BVB experiences the best period in its history, with five new listings of shares taking place on the Main Market in less than a year.

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