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The gap between East and West of Europe
By Constantin Radut
Between the East and the West of Europe, unity is only one of the world's eyes. Many Western states, such as the Netherlands, but also the Germany and the France, consider themselves superior and often defy most of the Eastern countries. The Eastern European states feel frustrated and depressed by the arrogance with which, for example, the Dutch Prime Minister says non-consciously that Romania and Bulgaria have nothing to look for in the Schenhen area. And this, after nearly ten years,the two countries has spent billions of euros on sophisticated equipment purchased from the West to protect the eastern border of the Union.
Hungary demonstrates a fierce stubbornness in not accepting the established refugee quotas, says Budapest, arbitrarily by the bureaucracy in Brussels. Poland feels offended in its dignity because EC Vice-President Frans Timmermans treats Warsaw as imperialists from the colonial era. The opening, also by Warsaw, of the problem of potential war reparations from Germany is a real Pandora’s box.
The gap between the East and the Western European is cracking more and more.
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