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60 Romanians are returning to the country with the program "financing for Diaspora"

By Emea Riga
Romanians returning home will receive up to 40,000 euros of funding per project through a dedicated program dedicated to Diaspora and will also have business advice, according to
A total of 60 Romanians living in the UK, Spain, Italy and other European countries will receive money to open businesses in the country. They have undergone entrepreneurial courses and will have mentors who teach them how to develop their business.
Most initiatives are in the field of IT, car services and restaurants.
In Catalonia lives in one of the largest Romanian communities in Spain.
Adina works from 2015 in Barcelona to a multinational company specialized in IT. She earns good, but the homelessness has made her change her life radically. It has received funding of up to 40,000 euros through a special program dedicated to Diaspora Romanians. He is now returning to the country to open a business.
The program of the National Council for SMEs had a budget of almost four million euros.
In total, there are 33 institutions that provide Diaspora to the Romanians to access funds to start business in the country. (rbj/23.09.2018)

GPS patch, an invention of six gymnasium students

By Emea Riga
The GPS patch was invented by six students from Topliţa, a small town in the center of Romania. The GPS patch has been designed to support isolated children and people with disabilities that can be monitored on the phone and can be found immediately in an emergency situation. The invention has won several entrepreneurial competitions.
"Our project started with a simple question: How can we help people with disabilities?" says the girls in the "Find Me Anywhere" team. Last year, the six girls put Topliţa on the map of entrepreneurship after the GPS patch they invented got the trophy for "Company of the Year" at the Junior Achievment national contest. The most important thing at the moment is the promotion campaign to make people aware of our project "adds small entrepreneurs.
"We first thought our product would help people. And so it came to us to help people with illnesses such as Alzheimer's or who are in a nursing home or for parents who care for their children, "says Edina Bako.
"Find Me Anywhere" is not a simple invention, it's a real deal. The girls have moved from idea to project and then to implementation and have felt on their own skin how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur. Now I'm planning the next step: launch the product on the market.

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