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MedLife acquires the majority shares package of Humanitas Hospital in Cluj-Napoca

By Edwig Ban

MedLife, leader of the private healthcare market in Romania, announces the acquisition of the majority shares package of 55% of the company Valdi Medica SRL, which owns Humanitas Hospital in Cluj-Napoca. The latter provides a wide range of healthcare services, which focus mainly on surgical treatments, but it also offers various medical specialties provided as outpatient services supporting the surgical activity through multidisciplinary pre-operative examinations, treatments and post-operative monitoring.

“We entered the market in Cluj-Napoca as early as 2008, when we opened a test laboratory and a centre for occupational medicine. In 2015, we expanded and opened the first MedLife Hyperclinic in Cluj, thus becoming the first healthcare service provider that makes available to the people of Cluj outpatient solutions, imaging and laboratory services. We wanted to add a range of inpatient services, as well. With the acquisition of the majority shares package of the company Valdi Medica SRL, we become the first national operator that owns a hospital unit in Cluj, and it is even better that we can do it with a team of physicians of such calibre. We intend to substantially develop the hospital in the very near future, together with our partners, and to become the largest private provider of integrated healthcare services in Cluj”, said Mihai Marcu, MedLife President and CEO.

“By co-opting the MedLife partner in the company’s shareholding, we wish to reach a new development stage of the Humanitas Hospital, by expanding the clinical unit for continuous hospitalisation, by developing integrated outpatient services and establishing a day hospitalisation unit for patients undergoing minimally-invasive therapeutic interventions. We wish to help as many people as possible to benefit from the expertise, enthusiasm and dedication of our team, and we have chosen to do it with a capable, experienced partner such as the MedLife team. Thus, we are convinced that the patients who enter our hospital will be provided with multiple diagnostic and treatment possibilities, in a very welcoming environment”, stated Adrian Barbos, founding member of Humanitas Hospital Cluj.

Humanitas Hospital was opened at the end of 2016 and it is the newest private hospital in Cluj-Napoca; it provides a wide range of services and advanced surgical treatments, including: endocrine surgery, oncological and reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, reparative surgery of the abdominal wall and aesthetic surgery, which are performed by physicians with great professional training and who are dedicated to their work. At the same time, the hospital is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and the operating theatre includes 2 operating rooms and an anaesthesia and intensive care department.

Upon completing this transaction, the MedLife group will reach its 16th acquisition, with Anima being the most recent one.

About MedLife

MedLife is the largest private healthcare provider in Romania. The company operates the widest network of clinics, one of the large networks of medical laboratories, general and specialised hospitals and it has the largest client database for Healthcare Prevention Packages in the country. In addition, from the standpoint of sales, it is one of the largest private healthcare companies in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the public information available to MedLife Group.

The shares issued by MedLife SA are traded on the spot regulated market managed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Premium Category, with the “M” trading symbol.

MedLife Group has a successful history as regards both organic growth and growth by acquisitions. As of 2009, it has opened or acquired over 83 medical units. Its strong and experienced management team has been capable of creating and managing these growth opportunities, acquiring valuable knowledge and experience, which can allow finding the best way to continue expanding successfully. (rbj/08.08.2017)

Over 60,000 healthcare facilities operational in Romania in 2016

By rbj

There were over 60,000 healthcare facilities operating in Romania in 2016, the public and the private sectors combined, 49,000 of which were in urban areas and 11,000 in the countryside, according to data released on Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

A breakdown by categories shows 570 were hospitals; 800 were diagnosis and treatment centres, medical centres and healthcare centres; 470 were autonomous or hospital integrated specialist outpatient care facilities; 6,300 were medical and dental laboratories; more than 40,000 were doctor's offices and 9,500 were pharmacies and similar.

In the countryside, a family medicine office would tend to 1.3 more patients from the resident population than a similar office in the urban areas. The INS data show that while the number of independent specialist doctor's offices operating in urban areas was 10,400, the same number in the countryside was 27.2 times lower, meaning just 381 offices.

Consequently an independent specialist doctor's office in the countryside would have to tend to 23.4 times more patients than one similar office in the urban areas. As far as the staff size is concerned, the healthcare system in 2016 had 57,300 doctors, 16,400 dentists, 17,200 pharmacists, 137,200 high-school graduated healthcare staff, and 66,300 ancillary medical staff. (rbj/30.06.2017)

Private healthcare services provider MedLife announces the acquisition of Anima

By rbj

Romanian private healthcare services market leader MedLife continues it's expansion with the acquisition of Anima clinics network, the company announced.

The Anima network consists of six clinics, one laboratory and had a turnover of 5,2 million euro in 2016.

“Anima has a large network of family physicians and specialist physicians with agreements with the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), a financially-sound company. With this acquisition, MedLife consolidates its leader position, becoming the only player in Romania with two stratified brands on the market of outpatient care services and corporate subscription and occupational medicine,” said Mihai Marcu, CEO of MedLife. In December 2016, MedLife raised 230 million lei (50.8 million euro) through a fully subscribed initial public offering (IPO) of a 44 stake.(rbj/2017.02.10)

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