Passenger record at Craiova International Airport

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The number of people who traveled from Craiova International Airport (AIC) from the beginning of 2017 exceeded the passenger traffic registered last year during the previous year.

General Manager of Craiova International Airport, Mircea Dumitru, said: "This morning, with the take-off of the aircraft to Rome, AIC was shot down by the passenger record it set in 2016. It is the result of the fact that after the launch of the new routes, To Paris, Venice, Madrid, Cologne, Liverpool and Tel Aviv, the number of flights climbed to 34 every week, and the aircraft's loading rate is very good, between 87 and 95 percent. All of these figures entitle us to believe that we will end this year with over 350,000 passengers. "

At present, there are scheduled air flights to Craiova International Airport to 12 international destinations: London, Liverpool, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Venice, Paris, Cologne and Tel Aviv. (rbj/20.07.2017)

Romania to have direct flights to US, China by year-end

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Minister for Business Milieu, Trade and Entrepreneurship Ilan Laufer and Transports Minister Razvan Cuc discussed on Monday the investment projects in infrastructure, one of the important topics being the relaunch of the long-haul flights to the United States of America and China. "Transports Minister Razvan Cuc confirmed to me today in a working meeting that by year-end we shall have direct flights to the US and China," Business Minister Ilan Laufer wrote on his Facebook page.

In his turn, the Transports Minister, Razvan Cuc stressed on the same social network that the reopening of these flights will be an impetus for Romania's investments.

"I have talked today with Ilan Laufer about the investment projects in infrastructure we could introduce, as fast as possible, in public-private partnership. I have agreed, together with my colleague, that these investments in infrastructure will draw the foreign companies to our country, and not only from the European Union, but also from the non-EU countries. I wish a solid economy, and the reopening of the long-haul Tarom flights Romania-US and Romania-China will boost investments in our country. The talks we had at the Transports Ministry do prepare the 'Trade Winds 2017' summit due this October in Bucharest, where over 150 US top companies interested in investing in Romania will be participating," Razvan Cuc specified.

Apart from this, in May, when the two Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft called "Sarmizegetusa" and "The Great Union" were delivered to national airline Tarom, the Transports Minister was announcing that by the end of the year another two long-haul airplanes will be received to operate on new routes to China and the US.

"We don't have yet clearance for Beijing or the US, because it is useless to pay overflight fees as long as you don't operate, but we'll obtain them. (...) The problem is that this company should define itself, to know what kind of modus operandi it will have, whether it will be a legacy-type national company or a company that will try to face competition, which you know well how it deals with things. Basically, after defining this strategy, the types of aircraft (to be purchased — ed. n.) will be decided upon," Tarom managing director Eugen Davidoiu explained back then. (rbj/18.07.2017)

Traffic increases at Bucharest airports put them among Europe's top five Q1 2017 highest rising

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Bucharest City's two airports - Henri Coanda and Aurel Vlaicu - have joined the top five Q1 2017 highest rising airports in terms of passenger traffic increases, according to news from the Airports Council International Europe cited by the Bucharest National Airport Corporation (CNAB) in a press statement released on Monday.

In the group of airports welcoming between 5 and 10 million passengers per year Henri Coanda (OTP) was third, with a 21.5-percent increase, after Reykjavik-Keflavik (Iceland) and Kiev. Bucharest Baneasa (BBU) was first in terms of growth in the group of airports welcoming less than 5 million passengers per year. It was followed by Foggia (Italy), Nis (Serbia), Zadar (Croatia) and Oradea, according to ACI Europe.

In Q1 2017, the airports welcoming more than 25 million passengers per year were the following: Moscow Sheremetyevo, Manchester, London Gatwick, Amsterdam and Oslo.

In the group of airports welcoming between 10 and 25 million passengers per year, the Q1 2017 ranking was as follows: Warsaw, Sankt Petersburg, Lisbon, Prague and Brussels.

CNAB says the OTP and BBU airports together reported Q1 2107 air traffic of 2.6 million passengers and 28,249 landings and take-offs. "The development in the number of passengers at the two airports of the Bucharest National Airport Corporation significantly exceeds the overall European trend of 6.9 percent. The Bucharest airports also reported increases in landings and take-offs, again exceeding the European trend of 3 percent. In the first eight months of 2016, the number of landings and take-offs was up 8.6 percent y-o-y," says CNAB.

CNAB has been established following a merger of the Henri Coanda International Airport National Corporation and the Aurel Vlaicu Baneasa International Airport National Corporation.

It started operating on February 5, 2010. Its registered share capital is standing at 143,772,150 lei. Shareholdership is divided as follows: the Romanian Government via the Transport Ministry — 80 percent; Fondul Proprietatea sovereign fund — 20 percent.(Source: Agerpres)(rbj/16.05.2017)

Tarom - Romanian Air Transport in-flight provide WI-FI entertainment services

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Tarom’s aircraft Airbus 318 and Boeing 737 have been equipped with AirFi service to be provided free to the passengers as of March 14, the company representatives announced on Monday in a press conference.

“The AirFi entertainment service is offered free by Tarom onboard the aircraft. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service to all Tarom aircraft, due to technical specificities, however this service will be provided both on international and on domestic routes aboard the eight Airbus 310 and Boeing 737-700 series aircraft. The passengers will have in the programme movies, news, music and various information set in the AirFi box. It is an intranet information device, for information offered on wireless devices that can be connect to this service. It’s not about internet. Tarom will receive the service free according to a partnership signed with DNata Romania’,” said Eugen Davidoiu, general manager.

AirFi is an entertainment platform, with wireless access on the mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) and contains a wide range of media options, for both adults and children, such as information about Tarom, news, media articles, movies, music, games, chat with other passengers, etc. At the same time, passengers will be able to express their views on the services offered by completing a feedback form.

To access the AirFi platform, passengers must have the devices set on the plane mode and use any browser to connect to the Wi-Fi network. (rbj/13.03.2017)

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