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Wielpütz Automotive, greenfield investment of 10 million euros in Craiova
17 January 2018, 8:11 PM

By Andra Beltz
The representatives of Wielpütz Automotive from Germany signed the lease of 3 hectares of land on Wednesday in High-Tech Industry Park Craiova. The German company will start a greenfield investment to build a 10 million-euro plant, which is set to begin production on September 1 this year.
Wielpütz Automotive's manager Volker Schlegel said on this occasion that the company's representatives have been looking for a new production site for a long time for the first investment abroad because they can no longer expand in Germany. Wielpütz Automotive has a tradition of over 100 years in the manufacture of parts and metal systems for combustion engines. The main customers are all the world-renowned Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, General Motors and Ford.
He said that in Craiova the company has the possibility to grow, to expand with the products, and on the land that it rented will build a new hall and will create 500 jobs, mostly for women, who will be able to work as fitters.
"Of course, the development of production depends very much on the car market, which is very competitive and very fluctuating at the moment. At Craiova, for the first hall, we plan a mix of products, mainly with assembly, and in the second step we will make high-tech products that are currently in the prototype stage. In 2019 we start serial production for these high-tech products. We need employees, the vast majority will be ladies and start from simple assembling jobs and get to highly qualified jobs with higher education and of course we will have a mix of activities - simple assembly activities up to R & D, "said Wielpütz Automotive manager Volker Schlegel.

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