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Transelectrica, the 15th shareholder of TSCNET Services
24 September 2018, 10:19 PM

By Edwig Ban
The National Electricity Transmission Company, Transelectrica, announces its affiliation as a shareholder of TSCNET Services based in Munich, one of the Regional Security Coordinators (CSR) for the European energy transport network.
According to a communique of the company, the Romanian system operator and transport operator is the 15th shareholder of TSCNET.
'Transelectrica' s shareholder capacity is now actively involved in the further development of TSCNET Services as one of Europe 's largest regional security co - ordinators. This stage is part of the natural and necessary evolution of the Romanian energy sector on the European energy map, in the context of the implementation of the new model of the internal electricity market, of the European network codes and in the perspective of the Clean Energy Package, said Adrian Constantin Rusu, Chief Executive Officer of Transelectrica.
Through Romania's affiliation, TSCNET will provide network security services to network operators in twelve European countries.
"As the Romanian network is already an integral part of the European transport network, Transelectrica has an important role to play in the further development of security of supply in Southeastern Europe," said Maik Neubauer, director of TSCNET Services.
The affiliation of CNTEE Transelectrica to the CORE Security Coordination Center, TSCNET Services, was approved by the CNTEE Transelectrica Shareholders' General Meeting in its meeting on 5 June 2018.
Romania's electricity transmission network has about 9,000 kilometers of air routes and is connected to the high voltage transmission networks in neighboring countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary.
TSCNET Services is one of Europe's leading Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs). Headquartered in Munich, the company provides integrated services for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and their control centers to maintain safety in the operation of the power system permanently.
The TSCNET shareholders are 15 TSOs from 12 European countries: 50Hertz (Germany), Amprion (Germany), APG (Austria), ČEPS (Czech Republic), ELES (Slovenia), Energinet (Denmark), HOPS (Croatia), MAVIR PSE (Poland), SEPS (Slovakia), Swissgrid (Switzerland), TenneT (Germany), TenneT (Netherlands), TransnetBW (Germany) and Transelectrica (Romania).
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