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Softronic Romania sells locomotives in Sweden
06 October 2017, 8:49 PM

>>>The Softronic company in Craiova is part of the club of the 4-5 European locomotive manufacturers


By Emea Riga

The company Softronic of Craiova, the electric locomotive builder, marked the start of the production of the first two Transmontana locomotives for the Swedish state-owned company Green Cargo, with which it concluded a 10-year contract three months ago.
The value of the contract for the first two locomotives is about six million euros.
The Project Manager Catalin Iosub said that the Swedes from Green Cargo decided to buy the Transmontana locomotives from the Craiova firm after Softronic had transported two locomotives to Sweden and for two months performed traction services for six companies - four private and two state.
"We are very pleased to have signed a contract with Sweden's most popular freight railway company, Green Cargo, a state-owned company. The contract is signed for two locomotives with the possibility of extension to 5-10 / year. Green Cargo representatives have greatly appreciated this locomotive, "Cătălin Iosub said at the festive presentation of the frame for the first locomotive to be delivered to the Swedish company.
He said that in Europe, the locomotive club is not very large, with four to five manufacturers at the moment, and the quality standard must be very high. 'The Transmontana locomotive is equipped with a recuperative brake, so at the moment of braking the energy is sent to the grid. From the point of view of the concept and the electronic schemes, I can say that it is at the highest level, otherwise we would not have chosen our Green Cargo representatives, "Josu said.
Markus Gardbring, director of Green Cargo's rolling stock department, said the Swedish company chose the Softronic locomotives because it found the best locomotives they were looking for, and the collaboration will continue after testing the first two locomotives to be delivered summer of 2018 on the Scandinavian railways.
"We chose Softronic, because here we found the best locomotives we needed. In addition to their superior traction power, locomotives are modern and equipped with automatic and optimized electric braking. These locomotives will be optimized to function as efficiently as possible by using topographic data and routes, "said Green Cargo's representative. The Transmontana Co-Co Locomotive, with a traction power of up to 3,000 tons or 'twice the traction power of a conventional RC locomotive', is the most powerful freight locomotive in heavy conditions, has six axles, can tow very heavy trains of 2,000-2,500 tons on difficult railways, with large slopes, with ice, snow or leaves.
Softronic's locomotive production reaches almost entirely to firms outside Romania, in Germany, Austria, Hungary.

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