Softronic Craiova, the only electric locomotive manufacturer in Eastern Europe

>>>The Romanian company exports locomotives in Hungary, Slovakia and Sweden

By Andra Beltz
Building on the experience gained at Electroputere Craiova, a group of local specialists renewed their tradition of manufacturing rolling stock in Romania.
Recently, Softronic has received 14 million euros in bank financing to cover production and delivery costs for six electric locomotives that will be endowed with Green Cargo AB in Sweden.
In June 2017, Softronic signed a contract with the Green Cargo railway operator in Sweden for the delivery of eight Transmontana locomotives. The first two locomotives have already been produced and delivered, and are currently in the final test phase. The next six locomotives will be delivered at the end of 2019 by the middle of 2020.
Softronic SRL is the only manufacturer of electric locomotives in Eastern Europe.
"At present, Softronic has the capacity to produce approximately 9-10 locomotives per year. The LEMA locomotive is an original project of Softronic, the first one being manufactured in 2010. We have manufactured 36 locomotives for freight operators. Our locomotives run on the Romanian, Hungarian, Slovakian and, more recently, Swedish railways. For passenger transport we make the Hyperion electric train, which is the materialization of our experience in the design and construction of high-performance railway material, "said Radu Zlatian , director of Research and Development at Softronic.
Softronic is a new company on the rolling stock market - it was established in 1999 with full Romanian capital. The basic products are the electric locomotive with traction with asynchronous motors (LEMA - Transmontana) and the multi-passenger electric train (Hyperion). Both locomotives and trains are designed for maximum energy efficiency, recovering energy consumed at braking. For the manufacture of the two products, Softronic has designed and manufactured all the necessary mechanical components, electric traction motors, static traction converters or auxiliary services, control, command and safety equipment.
"Transmontana" is the most powerful electric locomotive manufactured in Europe, it is approved by the Romanian Railway Authority and it holds traffic authorizations on the railways in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Sweden. The locomotive has a modern design, asynchronous traction motors, dynamic braking (rheostatic and recuperative), electronic traction converters, electronic control and control equipment based on microcontrollers and microprocessors, LED headlamps and many more.
"Hyperion" is an electric trainset that meets the requirements of European standards (EN and UIC) and complies with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI). The train was built using the latest and most advanced electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment. In its manufacture, state-of-the-art technologies have been used, based on a project developed in 2012.
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