Romania is again tractor manufacturer, own conception

By Edwig Ban
Until the 1990s, Romania was a major producer of agricultural and forestry tractors in the two major factories in Brasov and Craiova.
The privatization of the company in Brasov was a major economic error of the authorities. The new owners quickly sold the Brasov Tractor Plant. This was the breed on the country's economic map, Romania becoming a major importer of tractors of different powers.
Meanwhile, a group of specialists from the Transylvanian town of Reghin succeeded at IRUM Reghin to design and manufacture the first 100% Romanian conception tractor. The agricultural tractor at Reghin is manufactured in 3 power variants from 86 hp to 102 hp.
"The total investment in this project was over 4 million euros, and the project duration was about 5 years and summed up the work of 50 engineers. As the main objectives, we aimed to bring out a quality / price tractor to be able to be addressed to all the farmers but especially to the small and medium ones We have put a great emphasis on the visual identity and in this regard we have invested heavily in design The most important thing: which can be exported worldwide and represent the Romanian industry well, "said Andrei Oltean, director of development IRUM Reghin, in a press conference.
The Tagro tractor was built in the Research and Development Center for Agricultural and Forestry Machinery - IFOR - which operates at Reghin. This center is unique in Europe and was set up by the Maviprod group of companies at IRUM, following an investment of 2.65 million euros. The center has about 50 employees, Romanian engineers. The investment in the Tagro project materialized another 4 million euros made available by the Maviprod Group, the IRUM shareholder.
"IRUM currently sells 500 machines in a market where 2,500 agricultural machinery are sold, and in 2028 it is expected that this market for agricultural tractors will reach 8,000 units per year", added Andrei Oltean.
The serial production of this tractor will start in April 2019, and IRUM Reghin estimates that 200 tractors will be produced and sold in the first year, 300 tractors will be exceeded in 2020, and another 500 tractors will be in 2021 TAGRO.
In turn, IRUM's General Manager, Mihai Olteanu, claims that the company is ready to cope with the forecast labor-intensive production, as the number of staff with 100 people has increased in the last year.
He added that the new tractor will be exported soon, primarily to its neighbors in Hungary, where the company already has its own headquarters to be expanded, but "the markets in Bulgaria and Ukraine are very interesting".
Tractor Tagro is intended primarily for small and medium-sized farms and will be sold on both the domestic and foreign markets. The Tagro will have all the necessary equipment for a modern tractor, including radio and air conditioning. Prior to launch, the tractor was tested in Romania and Italy, and by the end of this year the homologation process will be finalized at the Bucharest Romanian Car Registry.
The IRUM factory was founded in 1953 to repair machinery and agricultural and forestry machinery.
Currently, IRUM employs nearly 500 people, and Mumiprod's 2017 turnover for IRUM is 40 million euros.
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