Hidroelectrica Romania and Verbund HydroPower Austria – memorandum of cooperation

By Jerom Bolt
A press release from the Romanian company Hidroelectrica announces that today, 23rd October 2018, Hidroelectrica and Verbund Hydro Power GmbH have jointly signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two companies. According to this document, the parties express their will for the joint development of projects, implementation of design, construction and equipping solutions, based on the newest solutions and technologies in the energy field. This document also stipulates the exchange of information and know-how concerning the methods of energy dispatching, the staff-free operation of the power plants (through control centers), the optimization of the maintenance and repairs activity as well as the implementation of the innovative solutions and technologies for the application of the European Union directives in the environment protection field, including the assurance of the logitudinal connectivity of water streams.
Verbund Hydro Power GmbH is the most important company of utilities from Austria and one of the greatest hydropower producers in Europe. Verbund Hydro Power GmbH has a huge experience in the field of power plants development and operation as well as an exceptional know-how in the area of the power generation from both the hydro source and from the renewable resources in general. In its turn, Hidroelectrica is the greatest power generation company from Romania, one of the most profitable companies in the Eastern Europe and has also a relevant history of operating hydropower plants.
”The fact that Hidroelectrica’s Management Board – in its thoroughness, has signed, together with the General Managers of Verbund Hydro Power GmbH, Mr. Karl Heinz Gruber and Mr. Michael Amerer, the memorandum of cooperation certifies the real interest of both companies in developping projects with a higher added value. Practically, two very powerful companies decide today to jointly put the resources of know-how and to work in team to identify and further implement some projects that are viable for development. We see in collaborating with VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH a real opportunity, following to which both companies will certainly have a lot to win.” – declared Mr. Bogdan Badea, the Chairman of Hidroelectrica’s Management Board.
The signing of the memorandum was endorsed by Hidroelectrica’s Supervisory Board through the Decision no. 87/ 26.09.2018 and approved by Shareholders’ General Meeting unanimously through the Decision no. 29/ 19.10.2018.

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