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Grampet Group Romania, the largest railway group in CEE
23 March 2018, 2:33 PM

>>> The railway group is active in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova >>> Grampet Group will expand its activity in the Czech, Slovakian and Greek markets
By Jerom Bolt
The Grampet rail group inaugurated its subsidiary in Serbia, Eurorail, by putting into operation the rail freight transport between Romania and Serbia.
Eurorail Serbia is part of Grampet Group, a wholly owned Romanian private company. The Grampet fan company is the Romanian Railway Group, one of the leading private railway operators in Central and Eastern Europe.
Grampet Group operates a fleet of over 16,500 wagons and 400 locomotives, has over 7,000 employees and is permanently monitored and assisted by integrated IT systems that deliver real-time data to any gadget, thus improving customer service .
Continuous development efforts have brought Romania's Romanian Railway Company to Romania's turnover in terms of turnover and the success of the operator in Serbia comes as a certification of the group's activity, both domestically and internationally.
Grampet Group is the largest private rail group in Romania and in Central and Eastern Europe. Set up in 1999, Grampet Group includes several companies with activities in all railway sectors, from the transport of goods, rolling stock manufacturing and repairs to logistics management. Grampet Group puts together complex programmes for the development and modernization of member-companies and is responsible for the strategic control of all its divisions. In the past years, the group has extended its activity and currently it provides services in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Grampet owns the biggest private railway operator in Romania, Grup Feroviar Roman. In Bulgaria the group operates through Bulgarian Railway Company and Train Hungary, thus succeeding in delivering integrated transport and logistics services to its customers.
Promoting a highly competitive level and always focused on its customers’ needs, with a marketshare increasing every year, Grampet Group has become a strong presence in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In the next period, Grampet Group will expand its activity in the Czech, Slovakian and Greek markets. At the same time, procedures for the establishment of two forwarding companies in Kazakhstan and China have been initiated. In this way, Grampet Group will be able to provide railway transport and logistics services to its customers on the routes linking the North Sea to the Adriatic and Black Sea. The integration of these services is a strong advantage of the group, with a decisive impact on making the activity efficient and providing its customers complete solutions which help them save time and money.

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