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First e-charge network in Romania based on a subscription for electric cars
06 March 2018, 8:15 PM

By Theo Moreni
The load of electric vehicles in Romania can be made from March 19 on the basis of a fixed subscription, plus the charge according to the power of the machine and the time it is connected to the power supply, according to the Renovatio e-charge data, the first network based on fast-load solutions for electric vehicles in Romania.
According to the cited source, electric car owners will have a charging system charging system, divided into three categories.
The basic subscription is called Start, it has a zero tariff, but separate charge costs per station between 7.4 bani / minute - for vehicles with power up to 4kW, and 1.6 lei / minute - for those with a power greater than 22 kW.
The Entry subscription will pay a fee of 99 lei per month, with a minimum contract duration of 12 months, and will be addressed to those who regularly use the e-charge network for both normal and fast load solutions. In addition to the monthly subscription, electric car owners will have to pay for an actual charge ranging from 3.9 bani / minute to 88.8 bani / minute. Br>On the other hand, the Fast subscription costs 220 lei / month, for a contractual period of at least one year, and is intended for those who use the Renovatio e-charge network intensively and for which the reduced times offered by fast-load solutions are very important. In this case, the charging rates are the lowest and are between 1.8 bani / minute and 40.1 bani / minute, depending on the vehicle's load capacity.
All monthly subscription rates do not include 249 lei (VAT included) for activating the Renovatio e-charge card, and each card will be assigned to a single electric vehicle and is non-transferable.
The representatives of the e-charge network state that for all subscription types it is necessary to conclude a contract. In the case of the Start subscription, bank card payment can be made starting with the second half of 2018.
Renovatio e-charge is the first network based on fast-load solutions dedicated to all electric vehicle users in Romania. The network will have at least 50 Fast Charge charging points, thus ensuring electrical mobility in major cities and along the pan-European corridors crossing Romania.
According to the Association of Automobile Producers and Importers (APIA), in Romania in the year 2017, 2,811 new (green + hybrid) passenger cars were marketed in Romania, up 136.7% over the previous year.
At the same time, in the first month of this year, the number of green cars (hybrid or 100% electric cars) sold in Romania reached 193 units, up 70.8% compared to the same period of the previous year.
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