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EU: The BRUA project remains a strategic priority; Hungary must respect the agreement as initially agreed by the four countries
29 June 2018, 8:33 PM

By Emea Riga
The European Commission continues to support the BRUA gas pipeline project as originally thought, and problems with the Hungarian side have to be resolved smarter, as cooperation in the region is needed to secure gas supplies, said on Friday, European Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete.
The European commissioner's remarks were made at the CESEC (Central and South Eastern Europe Gas Connectivity Group) ministerial meeting, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 28-29 June 2018.
The statement comes in the context in which the Hungarian side decided to unilaterally modify the BRUA project, arguing that there is no need for a pipeline between Hungary and Austria, as the existing infrastructure on the Hungary-Slovakia-Austria route can be used at lower costs.
'Today we see that the construction of the Romanian section of the Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria corridor was started. As you know, the European Commission is contributing decisive funding to this project and I am pleased to note that Romania is progressing very well with the effective implementation of the project so that it will become operational by the end of 2019, "said the European Commissioner.
He reinforced the idea that BRUA is a strategic project of common interest that is extremely important to diversify the sources, which will increase competition and will lead to lower prices, congratulating Romania for the progress made.
He reminded that the EU has granted a 179 million euro grant for the pipeline.
"We expect this project to go further according to the agreed timetable and be finalized next year. I hope this will be an example for the rest of the participants and the problems now between Hungary and the rest of the project participants will be solved in a smarter way, "Canete said.
The Commissioner also presented some slides in which the BRUA pipeline map appeared as the project was initially agreed, ie a gas pipeline linking Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria.
"I think it is imperative that each country that will be transited by BRUA should move forward in parallel with the construction of this gas pipeline. I do not think it would be in anyone's interest that things will not happen like this. Romania will meet the BRUA deadlines and finish the project on time. It is a project that Romania prepares very seriously and which is necessary not only for Romania but also for the neighboring countries. BRUA will connect the Black Sea gas reserves with all the states in the vicinity of Romania and with its entry into operation there is a chance that other industries will develop, "said Romanian Energy Minister Anton Anton, present at the conference from Sofia.
The references to Hungary are a result of the insolent reactions of Kristof Terhes, CEO of FGSZ, the Hungarian gas carrier, who announced two days ago, even in Bucharest, that Hungary would be interested in the Bulgaria-Romaniaa-Hungary-Slovakia-Austria variant.
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