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Aspen Institute: Romania is already an energy security provider in the region
27 September 2017, 8:10 PM

>>> EC Vice President Maros Sefcovic, responsible for the Energy Union: Romania is one of the few countries that have reached their target before the end of time in the renewable energy sector

By Emea Riga

The Aspen Romania Institute, in partnership with the Prahova County Council, the Ploiesti City Hall, the Ploiesti Petroleum-Gas University and the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized the fifth edition of the Aspen Energy Summit in Ploiesti on "160 years since the first modern refining in the world was established in Ploieşti. "
The event was attended, among others, by members of the Romanian Government, European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic, responsible for the Energy Union, and Hans Klemm, US Ambassador to Bucharest.
Attending the event, Energy Minister Toma Petcu said that for Romania energy security has "special valences" given the vulnerabilities in the area. "We can say that our country has given the world the world's oil extraction and processing industry, making it the world's first producer in this sector. (...) In my opinion today is not only an opportunity to highlight the tradition and the pioneering of Romania in this field, but also one in which we can look in the future, and this exercise of the projection in time leads us to a role of equally important Romania, the energy security provider in the region, with a huge potential to we have strengthened this position and an interest in today's politicians, "the minister said.
In the context, he referred to the vulnerabilities in the area, pointing out that energy security has "special valences" for our country. "I remind you that this year, the Ministry of Energy has unblocked the BRUA project in that it issued the building permit. Through this success, Romania is in the works graph and can demonstrate its capacity as an energy security provider in the region. Romania, energy security has special valencies due to geostrategic and climatological vulnerabilities. (...) For these reasons, Romania's vision in the energy field focuses on a safe, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy type, obtained mainly through the use of all internal resources. We have a fairly generous mix of resources, it is important to exploit it, "said Toma Petcu
In turn, European Commission (EC) Vice-President (CE) Maros Sefcovic, responsible for the Energy Union, said that Romania has made great progress in the field of renewable energies. He said that our country could help countries that have problems from this point of view.
"About renewable energy, I know that you have had your own experiences, that you have gone through difficult phases (...), but you have made a wonderful breakthrough. You are one of the few countries that have reached their target before time runs out. you can use the good results (...) and help or sell your success to those countries that have trouble meeting the 2020 standards. Most importantly, you have developed the technology and if I look at your potential in this region (...) I think we should work towards the benefit of your country, your region and the whole of the European Union, "the EC official said.
At the same time, he emphasized Romania's richness in natural resources, claiming that our country must be more active in the energy market.
"Of great importance is the role that Romania can play in improving the situation of Southeastern and Central Europe, because we know (...) that this region is the most vulnerable in the European Union when it comes to energy security "said Maros Sefcovic.

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