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The Slovak Prime Minister supports the East Stream energy project in Bucharest
11 September 2018, 4:25 PM

By Andra Beltz
On the official visit to Romania, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovakia, Peter Pellegrini, had meetings with Romanian President Klaus Johannis and Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.
During the bilateral talks, Viorica Dancila stressed: "We have discussed with the Slovak Prime Minister the strengthening of bilateral relations and cooperation, including at the sectoral level. We have given special attention to the dialogue on strategic issues, namely defense, with emphasis on the missions to which Romanian and Slovak military participates, but also in the field of energy We have examined relevant initiatives on energy security, interconnectivity of transport networks and transit corridors, reiterating Romania's support for the BRUA project and for other regional cooperation formats that could bring value added in terms of security of supply.In the dialogue, we appreciated the evolution of economic relations and stressed the importance of strengthening bilateral trade and of stimulating the investment process between our countries.We also mentioned the activity of the 628 Slovak firms in Romania The work, social affairs and internal affairs are also areas of interest in our bilateral cooperation. In fact, today, the Ministries of Ministers have signed a bilateral labor cooperation protocol to benefit Romanian workers on the labor market in Slovakia. I would like to note the particular level of our cooperation in the field of internal affairs. It is noted, for example, the exchange of operative information and cooperation in combating international drug trafficking. Bilateral cooperation on education in the field of culture has also been a subject addressed with my Slovak counterpart. I would like to mention that 28 Romanian universities have agreements with 21 Slovak universities, through which they develop university research programs and study programs, lecturing in Slovak and Romanian in our capitals. We extend this cooperation today by signing the bilateral cooperation program in the field of education at ministerial level. At the same time, we discussed the deepening of dialogue and cooperation on the Romanian community in Slovakia and the Slovak minority in Romania. Their presence is an important bridge in the development of relations between our peoples. I also commended the Slovak Prime Minister for how the local and central authorities in Slovakia cherish and commemorate the memory of the Romanian military who sacrificed and fought for the liberation of Slovak territory during the Second World War,"Dancila said.
PM Pellegrini stressed that the two countries have common points on energy policy.
"We are also very happy that we have common points on energy policy and support the East Stream and BRUA projects and we also have a refusal to accept the Nord Stream 2 project. In 2019, Slovakia will hold the OECD presidency and Slovakia is considering Romania's efforts to become a member of this club. I would like to confirm that Slovakia will support Romania's membership in this club, "Pellegrini said.
The Slovak Prime Minister stressed that his country is with Romania and from the perspective of taking over the mandate of the rotating presidency at the Council of the European Union.
"We are sure that Romania will be successful in this role, even if Romania's position will be very difficult because it will have to cope with Brexit and parliamentary elections. I am sure that these challenges that will emerge along the way will be well managed. ...) Slovakia is positively appreciating the work of Romania in taking over the presidency of the European Union, and Slovakia is offering its services to help Romania, given that it has already held the presidency of the European Union, and we want to do this from the position of president of the V4 format Visegrad because I believe that this collaboration between the two presidencies, the European Union and the V4 format will contribute to a prosperity and democracy of our societies, "Pellegrini said.
The head of the Slovak government said that his visit to Romania confirms again the "standard and above-standard" bilateral relations, calling on the common history of the two states.
"I especially appreciate that Romania was the first country to recognize Slovakia as a state in 1992. I also appreciate the position of Romania in the past. The Romanian army fought in World War II in Slovakia and released almost a third of our country's territory. Our nation and Slovakia also appreciate Romania's position of not intervening in our country's invasion of 1968, "Pellegrini said.
He also stressed that Romania is a very important trading partner for Slovakia: "It is on the 11th position in our exports and I am also pleased that our economic cooperation has an increasing trend. The reciprocal trade exchanges between Romania and Slovakia reached 2.7 billion euros last year, and we are keen to keep this trend positive. "
Last but not least, the Slovak Premier highlighted the care that the Slovak minority enjoys in our country. "The Slovaks are doing very well in Romania ... (...) Slovakia is making every effort to ensure that the Romanians who have come to this country have good conditions," Pellegrini said.
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