*** The company creates, in partnership with the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS), a laboratory prototype *** After the validation and testing of the technology in the laboratory, Zitec is planning for the future to extend the production of devices intended for outer space

By rbj

Zitec, a leading local producers of online applications, developed in partnership with the Institute of Space Sciences in Magurele, a laboratory prototype for a photodetector that can track and record optical phenomena in space and the upper atmosphere, in a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) funded through the PRODEX program, coordinated nationally by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA).

The project is a first for the European area, the innovation consisting of using a new type of sensor that can be used to detect the optical

| 15 February 2017 |

By rbj

Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) will be the only European and International Centre for high-level research on ultra-high intensity laser, laser-matter interaction and secondary sources with unparalleled possibilities. Its pulse peak power and briefness will go beyond the current state-of-the-art by several orders of magnitude. Because of its unique properties, this multidisciplinary facility will provide magnificent new opportunities to study the fundamental processes unfolded during light-matter interaction. ELI will create a platform, where Extreme Light

| 14 February 2017 |

• The Samsung Galaxy J3 2016, equipped with 120 GB 4G internet, can be purchased with 1 leu with Surf M subscription, at porting from other network * The prepaid offer GigaLove comes with 8.5 GB monthly mobile data and free traffic in WhatsApp, plus 1000 minutes and national SMSs, at 4.95 euro monthly credit * Offers are available within the February 10 – March 15, 2017 period

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elekom Romania announces its new spring offers for the postpaid and prepaid segments, which include unlimited voice calls, minutes in roaming, smartphones at 1 leu equipped with 120 GB mobile data, as well as free access to WhatsApp. “It is a time of year full of love, gifts and surprises, when everyone is looking for the right gift for the loved one and early March will come with a new infusion of love and concern towards all important women in the life of every man. For all these occasions and for all the important moments worth shared, Telekom comes with the perfect gift: the freedom to communicate, to share unique experiences and send the most emotional messages to

| 11 February 2017 |

By rbj

Bitdefender, the innovative security software solutions provider, has acquired Profil Technology of France to rapidly bolster its global presence. The acquisition will be the largest in Bitdefender’s 15-year history and it will boost the company’s enterprise revenue and strengthen its position in the European and global markets.

Bitdefender’s consolidated positioning in France will help the company grow its share of the French enterprise and consumer markets, with a team of 50 sales and marketing professionals and a French-speaking support

| 20 January 2017 |

By rbj

Tremend, the most dynamic Romanian company in the Deloitte 2016 Fast 50 ranking, forecasts a 40% turnover increase in 2017, driven by the high demand for advanced software solutions. In order to support the growth, the company is launching a recruiting and training program for over 40 software engineers to join the development center in Bucharest. Integrating innovative technologies within solutions that will be delivered this year is a strong differentiator for the Romanian and international clients of the company, which hold approximately equal percentages in Tremend’s turnover: “This year we’ll continue to deliver added-value to our clients from

| 20 January 2017 |

By Edwig Ban

After a few years of existence, which made its world renowned luxury gadgets, stratup Vector Watch was sold to Americans from Fitbit.

The announcement appeared on the websites of both companies.

The startup Vector Watch was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Andrew Pitiş and has received funding from the investor Radu Georgescu and the fund Gecad (sponsored by Radu Georgescu), the fund 3TS Catalyst Romania, the cofounders eMAG Radu Apostolescu and Bogdan Vlad, and the contractor Mihai Popescu . Vector Watch brand was launched in 2016 in international markets.

In a statement, the team announced that Vector Watch "The Vector software platform Watch and Fitbit team joined the family".

| 10 January 2017 |

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